Tuesday, 1 May 2012

catching up part 2!

Hello again, now for the second part of my catch up :) here are some more photos I have taken over the last couple of weeks.

This is Indigo assisting Willow in making me this lovely bracelet! Willow recently bought various beads and elastic in order to make her own bracelets, and I love mine! The only dilemma was when choosing what I'd have on it!
Thank you, Willow! :)

Me and Indigo one morning before leaving the house for the school run :)

Phoebe, mumma bear and Indigo on their way to school.

At the point where we leave Phoebe & Phoenix to walk to the crossing man on their own, as you can see him from here. Phoenix is ahead with a friend and Phoebe is attempting to catch up with him!! Indigo thinks that she's going to their school too!

But we carry on, and this on the way to Indigo's playgroup. Indigo is higher than mumma bear.

Indigo being higher :)

Indigo going into playgroup

And changing into her Peppa Pig slippers!

Another morning, I think Indigo was grumpy because she wasn't going to school!

Grumpy face!!!!!

Indigo, Phoenix & Phoebe with Toffee the pony.

Last Thursday morning before I left home again, I painted Indigo's nails a nude pink colour and decorated them with pretty little nail stickers. Indigo wanted a sticker on every nail! She loves having her nails done, whether you're cutting them down or painting them she wants to be involved.

I also painted mumma bear's nails the same nude pink colour (Topshop) and she chose a dragonfly for her two ring fingers.

Lastly, I was asked to do this picture as a gift for someone. I can't say who or post complete photos just yet as the person hasn't received it yet! I enjoyed drawing and painting this, and will post pictures of the complete picture at the weekend for you to see :)

As this post is already full of pictures, I will save the party photos for tomorrow! Hopefully Mark and I are going to see Avengers tomorrow too, so I will let you know how that goes.

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