Friday, 11 May 2012

how we met

Hello there :) I have still been quite poorly today, with my ear playing up more than anything. It is so irritating, and I'm wondering if my new medication has affected it and made the ringing louder! So I will be asking my GP about that. Mark has again been the perfect nurse, and made me this lovely lunch of tomato soup and bread - my favourite poorly food.

Tuesday marked the 2 year anniversary of me & Mark being together. But we actually met on the 1st December 2008, over 4 years ago! I had um'd and ah'd over going to the event we met at, as at the time my dad had not long been diagnosed with cancer and the event meant I would be away for my 20th birthday. I don't regret having gone, even though it turned out to be the last of my birthdays my dad would be alive for. If I hadn't gone I would never have met Mark or any of the other wonderful people I met.

It was Neverender London, Coheed and Cambria's 4 night concert playing all their albums back to back. It turned out that we were actually in London a night longer, because Tuesday night had to be cancelled due to someone cutting through a power cable!

I travelled down to London with my friend Maxine, very early on the 1st December. Maxine's boyfriend at the time also lived in London, so whilst I spent my week at Neverender, Maxine would be seeing her boyfriend. We stayed in the brightest, orange hotel you could ever imagine - Paddington EasyHotel! Along with Scott & Emma, and Matt & Luke, fellow Neverender folk! Prior to the event, all the members of Cobalt & Calcium had been arranging a meet up on the first night in the above pub. We ended up spending most of our week here, I think!

This is a photo of some of us on the first night in the Montagu Pyke - it was scary and at the same time exhilarating!

This is the Paddington Crew - Emma, Scott, Matt, myself & Luke :)

A few random Neverender photos :)

These are the only 2 photos both Mark & I appear together in! Mark's in the middle, and I'm at the back. It's a weird one - but I can't recall actually speaking to Mark during the whole week!!! Mark says on one of the nights in the queue (we were both VIP - woo), he made a joke and I just never responded!! I have to say here in my defence, I was a very!!! shy person back then. I didn't get to know anyone perhaps as much as I wish I had, but I was just hiding in the clouds!

You may well be wondering then, how on earth did we end up together? Well, after Neverender everyone added each other on Facebook and Mark was one of the people who ended up on my friends list. As these things go, we didn't speak up until February 2010 when Mark wrote on a status of mine. We stayed up talking all night, and decided to meet up shortly after. We met up on the 1st April 2010 - as shown in the picture above :)

And the rest is history!!!

Here are some photos of us over the last 2 years :)

Roll on the Summer, and many more memories :)


  1. How cute! I love your glasses and what an awesome place to meet, I feel like a bad Coheed fan for not going!
    You are so beautiful Hannah :)

    1. Oh thank you Heidi! :) I didn't know you liked Coheed - it was an amazing experience! If you haven't seen them live yet, you definitely should :) my glasses were last year's Gok Wan range at Specsavers - but I have to say I feel like one of those people who wears lens-less glasses when wearing them (even though I'm ridiculously short sighted!!) x

  2. Aw, this brought back SO many memories, what a fantastic week that was! I don't remember you speaking to Mark either to be honest but you're now obviously so in love and it's beautiful to see! Thanks for sharing this, it's really made me smile! xx Scott.


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