Saturday, 12 May 2012

making bears & pulling faces

What a beautiful, sunny, blue-sky day today has been :) I was at work all afternoon, but it was a luxury to have the door open for once! A bit of a random blog post tonight, first I'm going to share something I started last night with you...

I decided I'd like to do a little sewing, and was going to make a little bird. But I thought I'd give a bear a try! I've used a lovely pale blue polka dot fabric and as you can see I've only sewn about half. I sew by hand as I'm useless with a machine, but I will let you know how he turns out :)

Renoir(or Rennie as we now call him) ended up getting a bit messy, which Mark pointed out to me. I'd accidentally put my sewing down to go to bed, and covered Rennie's nose in thread!

Mark & I were asked to feed Mark's brother Craig's chinchillas this weekend, as he has gone to stay with his girlfriend Sam in Oxford :) the chinchillas are called Jake and Elwood, and they are awesome.

I bought this black dress from Dorothy Perkins the other week, when they had a code for 20% off plus free delivery, so it worked out at about £12.80 delivered - bargain! I'd been after a black dress for work for a while and spotted this in the store a few weeks ago. Dorothy Perkins sent me the latest 'Look' magazine with my order - a nice surprise. I love the dress for work, it's exactly what I was looking for. It's nice and fitted on the top half with cap sleeves, and flares out from the waist. It's comfortable, and long enough to wear to work :) I enjoyed wearing it today with opaque black tights.

Me & Mark love pulling faces - not that it's obvious!!! Choose a number, then you have to pull a different face for that amount of photographs without looking at each other :) I hope you are all enjoying your weekends and doing something fun! I have two assignments due, which I already have an extension til Friday 18th on due to my illness - and I can't seem to make much progress, my ear ringing means I cannot concentrate lately!!!

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