Sunday, 27 May 2012

picnic in the park & lounging in the garden

This is right before we went out, I had high waisted shorts & a cropped top on but I just couldn't dare to bare the pale that is my legs!! So I changed into leggings and a top :)

Nicola with her tuna cobs

Leah with her wraps

Me with mayo cheese (mayo is gross, it was the only option in the shop!)

Leah's dog, Beau, came for a walk with us :)

And this is all the photos I managed to get before my camera battery gave up! We didn't make it into the actual park, we stayed in the outskirts where the lovely bandstand is :) it was a nice afternoon, and very, very hot!

Our dinner today: chicken, waffles, peas & ketchup :)

meow, cat slippers :)

The sun through the trees :)

The moon, just above the left of the house :)

This sums up the rest of my day aside from cleaning, tidying and making dinner. I did manage to complete my assignment and have handed it in now, it was tough and I can safely say that philosophy is not my cup of tea!! After dinner, Mark & I went to read out in the garden, I was going to do some drawing but I couldn't get into it. Tomorrow, I will be doing more prints for the craft fair so I will share those with you then :) I hope you've all been enjoying the sunshine, and I hope it lasts a while longer.

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