Wednesday, 27 February 2013

OOTD: Oasis Dip Dye Ombre Cardigan

Bowler hat - Helene Berman Ebay £7.50
Dreams scarf - All Saints Christmas gift
Fox brooch - Tatty Devine Gift
Coat - Warehouse £30 in the sale
Dip dye cardigan - Oasis at Asos £25.20 reduced
Skinny jeans - Dorothy Perkins £15
Brogue creepers - Schuh Ebay around £15

This gorgeous cardigan by Oasis was a cheeky purchase in one of the Asos flash sales. It was originally £48, in the flash sale it was £28 and with student discount I paid £25.20 - bargain! It's 100% pure cotton, it's so lovely and lightweight. If Spring ever arrives, it will be perfect! One thing I will say about it is that it definitely didn't look right with any of my skirts or dresses - the fit is slightly curved around the bottom, but it goes perfect with jeans and probably shorts too.

Mark & I went down to the local beach on Monday to take these photos, what we didn't realise was how muddy it would be. We could only walk a few yards before we'd have sunk in the mud, so unfortunately what we had in mind was out of bounds this time. It is one of my favourite places, it's so interesting with all the boats (there are so many!). The last photo here wasn't posed for - there's a restaurant on the front, and two waiters had just come onto the balcony. I was inwardly cringing!! It was the last photo Mark took, haha.

Do you like the dip dye trend? It's safe to say I'm in love :)

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Monday, 25 February 2013

hello mr postman #2 (& new phone!)

Mr Postman brought me some lovely things today, and last week too :) firstly, the bear in the top photo is from a Zara top that my sister Zenobia sent to me. It was really sweet and thoughtful of her, and she bought it purely because it made her think of me. It will definitely be featuring in a future outfit post, and is a perfect top for Summer. The next photos are from when I was last at home, and it's Indigo drawing on the back of an envelope. In the envelope was a letter that Indigo sent in the post to Mark - covered in stickers, of course! Indigo & I both have 'How Do You Lilac It?' on our nails, one of the Rimmel 60 Second polishes. I really love this colour - perfect for Summer. In my local Co-Op chemist it was on 2 for £4, so I picked up this pinky Ethereal too.

Early on this morning, I had a delivery from Oysho, which I ordered last week. This gorgeous soft, fine-knit lilac jumper, and the circus bear sweater which I couldn't resist for lounging around in. Did I tell you I love bears?? They were both in the sale and the order including delivery was around £15, and the packaging is so lovely. The Oysho PJ bottoms covered in bunnies I got for Christmas, aren't they sweet?! They really do have the loveliest range of loungewear and soft lovely knits. I'm even a convert of their socks - the best socks your feet will ever know.

Last but not least, the courier man brought me my new phone today! I went for the iPhone 5, purely because it cost me around the same as it would have for the 4s. I haven't set it up or anything yet, but I'd be really grateful if you could please recommend some of your favourite apps? :)

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Saturday, 23 February 2013

Leah's 24th birthday drinks

Monday was one of my best friend, Leah's 24th birthday. It was also the day she started her new job as a nurse in the hospital (well done Leah!). Because Leah was working all day, we decided to meet up for drinks on Monday evening - it was myself, Leah, her boyfriend Chris, and our other best friend Nicola. We went to a lovely bar called Praha, and started our night off in true party-animal fashion with chocaholic hot chocolates, complete with a flake, marshmallows (and no cream for me!). It was lovely to catch-up with both Nicola and Leah, before Chris joined us later on after work. I don't get to see these two girls as much as I'd like to! It was a lovely atmosphere with some fab chilled-out songs on in the background (Of Monsters and Men anyone?).

Leah's birthday gift from me was something I knew she wanted, as she'd told me a couple of months earlier. I got Leah this Ted Baker Hollon iPhone case from WindyCase. I was made up with the service by WindyCase - it states on the site that the order can take 5-20 days to arrive, but it arrived in around a week. The shipping was free too - a real bargain! It was beautifully packaged, and Leah was very pleased with it!

Chris arrived with chocolate cookies and ordered himself a J20 as he'd work the next morning - congratulations to Chris on his new job, in a Vauxhall garage, too! Nicola & I decided to buy us girls a bottle of rosé, it was so nice to be able to sit and drink a couple of glasses of wine. Even though I knew I'd be risking a spell of vertigo, I decided to go for it anyway. I have barely touched any alcohol since I became ill at the end of 2011, and it was a welcome break from being careful! We very much enjoyed our evening, and I can't wait to see my gorgeous friends again. I did start to feel dizzy when I got into bed later on, and I was freezing cold, I had two options... 1. Get out of bed and take a prochlorperazine (anti-sickness tablet) and wait for the feelings to pass... or 2. Pull the quilt over me and hope to fall asleep immediately. I went for option 2, and luckily I was fine :)

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Thursday, 21 February 2013

OOTD: Oysho sweater & Clinique lipgloss

I have talked about this brand before, as Oysho have become a firm favourite of mine over the last six months, ever since discovering them on Asos. On Monday it was my best friend's birthday, so on Monday evening I wanted something warm and casual but nice at the same time, to wear out for a few drinks. This Oysho sweater is actually my mum's, but upon browsing my own wardrobe and then hers, this was the best option. I wore it with All Saints skinny jeans (Molotov Kenta £75), and my trusty BullBoxer boots. The sweater is so comfortable, it feels so soft against my skin and I instantly wanted it to be my own. Sadly, it can't be found anywhere, however I did cheekily order a couple of other tops from the Oysho website. You can just about make out on the second photo, the gorgeous printed back with trees and little cats (perfect for a cat-loving lady). It really adds the perfect finishing touch to a beautifully soft, neutral coloured sweater. I finished it off with a slick of Clinique Long Last Glosswear in shade 15 Whisper. I don't usually wear gloss on my lips, but the Clinique ones are gorgeous. I got a little set for Christmas, so I'll do a review on that soon.

Be sure to come back in a couple of days to see the photographs from my evening with my two best friends, to see the gift I got for Leah and the Oysho sweater in action :) and don't forget to enter my 50 follower giveaway.

Tuesday, 19 February 2013

introducing: the twins & Indigo

It never occurred to me that anyone might think these three little people above were my children. I mean, my children! As much as I love children, and hopefully one day will have a child/children, these little people are my siblings! So I thought I'd better introduce them properly..!

Phoebe and Phoenix are twins, and they are 9. Indigo has just turned 4, and she's the youngest of my siblings. There are 8 of us siblings altogether - as reflected in Indigo's middle name - Octavia - which means 8th. You might think, wow, what an absolutely HUGE family! And I suppose we are a big family, but it never seemed odd when I was growing up, and doesn't to me now. I always thought as I grew up, and now, that if any single one of us is missing, it is really noticeable. We all get along nicely together (most of the time!). And ever since our dad passed away, we have been closer as a family all round. You have to stick together through these things.

Maybe another day, I will introduce you to my other siblings, but for now I will tell you about Phoebe, Phoenix and Indigo. The twins looked pretty much identical when they were babies, people used to think they were. My mum grew Phoenix's hair the same as Phoebe's, so people could be forgiven for thinking this. Except for the fact that one baby was in blue, and one in pink. Who would do that to two girl twins?? The twins are pretty similar in things they enjoy, they are both very good at saving up their money, and they are both currently completely obsessed with Moshi Monsters (kind of like their version of Pokemon?). Phoebe is very popular with the boys, and received Christmas presents from her admirers. I don't think Phoenix is too happy about this, as it meant Phoebe received presents from his friends, rather than him! They spent their school years so far in the same class, and this was the first year they were separated. I think it's helped them both become more individual, and not rely on each other being there so much. They are lovely, Phoenix is more outgoing than Phoebe, but Phoebe certainly stands up for herself when needed.

Indigo looks like butter wouldn't melt most of the time, but she can have almighty tantrums when she feels like it! It's not often she doesn't get her own way..! She says the funniest things sometimes, and you can't help but laugh at her even when she's trying to be cross at you. Indigo was born when my dad was already ill, and my dad passed away when she was just 5 months old. It was very tough, but I know we will all make sure Indigo knows everything she could want or need to know about our dad. She is a lot of fun, and she loves drawing and painting and making things. She makes this funny expression where she raises her eyebrows up and down continuously, and if you start doing the same back it turns into a competition of wills! Indigo is at playgroup at the moment, and her best friend is Isobel, but she will go to big school in September. Yesterday when my mum & I collected her, she presented me with the Chinese dragon she'd made below.

I love spending time with all of my siblings, and I miss them very much when I'm not in the Midlands!

Sunday, 17 February 2013

Indigo's first bike ride & some remembering

As I'm at home this week (until Tuesday), Mark & I had planned to take Phoebe, Phoenix & Indigo on a bike ride. We were going to go on Wednesday, but it snowed and snowed! So we put it off, seeing as it was going to be Indigo's first time. By Thursday morning, rain had washed all the snow away and we set off on our little walk/bike ride for the children. Indigo was all ready in her Peppa Pig helmet, elbow pads and knee pads, and the twins had on their helmets too. Indigo did really well, she took to it straight away and only had difficulty remembering to steer as well as pedal! She got the hang of it in the end though. She especially enjoyed it in the park, as it's quite uphill on the way in, so when she rode the path around the outside of the park, she put her feet up going downhill and enjoyed the ride! I had to rescue her a few times from falling into the mud, haha. We played in the park for a little while, Indigo can never resist the swings! A few of the twins friends were at the park, so everyone had a lovely time :) on the way home we popped to the newsagents for some sweets.

Thursday in my house was primarily about remembering my dad on his birthday, as opposed to traditional Valentines day. We had our friends and some family round early evening for dinner - spag bol of course! complete with lots of doughballs and plenty of dessert. This year to mark my dad's birthday I brought home a heart-shaped helium balloon, and we all wrote a little message on it, then sent it up in to the sky.

I hope everyone enjoyed their Valentines day and weekend. Mark & I haven't had our pancake day or Valentines day yet - so we're going to have one big pancake/Valentines when I'm back on the Wirral next week! I haven't been upto much else since then, I've not been feeling too well with one thing and another, so have pretty much just been reading the whole time. Luckily I haven't caught the flu which has been doing the rounds in my family! It's my best friend's birthday tomorrow (happy birthday for tomorrow Leah!), so hopefully we will be going for a few drinks to celebrate.