Monday, 30 April 2012

catching up!

It turns out that I have a zillion photos to catch up with, both from being at home with my family, being here with Mark, and other various things. So here goes with the first half of my mega catching up update :)

Firstly, the masses of dogs Indigo was awaiting in the post finally arrived, and here are some of them!

Indigo has recently been given a set of the new Polly Pocket figures. Now, when I was younger I had the original Polly Pockets, the tiny figures and the tiny houses which I absolutely loved! These new ones are fiddly and tricky - their clothes break easily when you're trying to stretch them on to the figure!!! Not impressed.

Indigo was very pleased with the new puppy castle and puppies (left) as she loves playing with little figures and houses.

What's left of Indigo's Easter chick... he unfortunately doesn't have eyes anymore!

This might just be me, but does anyone else remember this toy? It came in a cereal box when I was younger, and you had to rub the heart off the tummy to reveal the message. Nostalgia!

Indigo thought this clip was too big for her hair! But proceeded to forget it was there!

Indigo told me she had a surprise - but I wasn't allowed to see it yet...

...she was keeping it warm...

...and keeping it safe...

...OH! I think it may be "hatched!"...
(she pronounced this hatch-id!!) it comes...


This happened several more times, the eggs "hatched" a lot! Haha, Indigo ran me through each hatching process, keeping them warm and getting them ready.

I will be back tomorrow with the rest of my catching up update! I have photos of a recent commission, more Indigo photos, bead bracelet making photos from my sister Willow, pretty nails!!, and some party photos :)

Sunday, 29 April 2012

april showers

I haven't written here for far too long, I have been in and out of doctor and hospital appointments trying to find a cause or solution for my various illnesses! I am still no further but will hopefully have more hope after another GP trip! It has been quite a busy couple of weeks, spent travelling back and forth between Leicester and the Wirral. I have some pictures to share which I will get to tomorrow :) For now, I will say good night as I have to go finish painting a drawing requested by my sister for her friend. I did get around to ordering some Moo Mini Cards this evening - they have another offer where you can get 100 free Mini Cards. I haven't had these cards before and was considering them anyway, so for £3.90 VAT + delivery, I thought I'd try them! They do come with a Moo watermark on, but if the design process is anything to go by it is by no means intrusive! The offers only stands for the first 500 people, but I only ordered mine this evening so it's definitely worth checking it out. I will be back tomorrow with a more exciting post, I promise!

Monday, 16 April 2012

sunny sunday

I'm a little late with this, as it's from yesterday! But I was under the weather last night and so didn't get the chance.

Yesterday was a lovely day, and while we were getting ready to go out Mark was playing Coheed & Cambria on his guitar... Pearl of the Stars, Mother Superior and Always and Never. It was nice, and it took me back a few years... but I'll come to that another day!!

We decided to go for a little walk as it was so beautiful outside :)

We wandered round the Jug & Bottle's garden, which was lovely...

and full of Autumn leaves & gorgeous bluebells!

Mark was wearing the bear jumper I got him for Christmas :) a great purchase as he hardly ever takes it off!!

I love this time of year as the daffodils are so pretty!

And if you hadn't already noticed from the previous photos of my new desk, I also love pinecones!! I couldn't resist picking this one up :) The third and fourth photos are where Mark works at the Hall, and the fifth is the bowling green.

We spent the rest of our day taking it easy playing Worms on PS1 (we're addicted and it's currently 19 - 12 to me!!!). We made a delicious gravy dinner with heaps of peas, and ate chocolate honeycomb bunnies from M&S that were on sale for 27p! Later on we headed down to Mark's nana's house for a cup of tea, what a lovely Sunday.

Saturday, 14 April 2012

random bits and bobs

The last couple of days I haven't been up to anything exciting, yesterday I worked for a couple of hours and then Mark worked in the evening til 10pm. So being the wonderful girlfriend that I am, I had his lazy clothes ready, his dinner cooked (in the microwave!!), and a cup of tea waiting :)

Below is a photo of Mark (probably on Football Manager!) and you can see my new desk which is still being kept neat and tidy... probably not for long!

Today I did get a single piece of post!! I got this lovely Moshi Monsters postcard from Phoenix. Mum told me that the twins and Indigo received their post from me this morning, and they all loved their letters :) Indigo was carrying hers around everywhere with her. Indigo also received her puppy castle (and heaps of tiny puppy figures), that I bought her before the bank holidays, at long last. She has been eagerly awaiting the postman every day to see if they'd arrived yet!

I was at work today so a bit of a boring blog post, I learnt about the Dalai Lama today because we were so quiet this afternoon at work that I resorted to OU studying! Hopefully tomorrow I'll be back with some arty pictures as I have been asked to do a picture for someone's birthday :)

Thursday, 12 April 2012

frustration & charity shop finds = new art space :)

Not quite knowing what to do with ourselves this morning, Mark & I played Frustration after breakfast for half an hour. We picked the game up in a charity shop a few months back because I'd had the urge to play it for ages! We had tea & biscuits as well, my favourites being the rich tea fingers my dad used to like :)

Matisse gave me the children's letters, and we headed off to the postbox to post them. Excuse the second photo - it was very busy and I wasn't enjoying having my photo taken!!!

Afterwards, we thought we'd go for a wander round the charity shops en route to the news shop to pick up Mark's parcel (which had actually arrived - hurrah!!!). It was a really beautiful, sunny day today. At the first charity shop we noticed a narrow dressing table, it was a little shabby, but at £4.99 we couldn't resist as it was the perfect space to convert into an art space!

We dropped it off at home (I was only in charge of holding the drawer haha) and went back out, returning with Mark's parcel...

4 antiques books that he picked up second hand :) he recently started a new job, and he works with a guy who has inspired him to be the next big antique dealer.

After some lunch, we set about clearing a space for my new table and generally having a good tidy up of the room. We managed to fit it in between Mark's desk and his amps, in front of the window.

I am really pleased with it, and look forward to spending many hours drawing and painting there :)