Monday, 16 April 2012

sunny sunday

I'm a little late with this, as it's from yesterday! But I was under the weather last night and so didn't get the chance.

Yesterday was a lovely day, and while we were getting ready to go out Mark was playing Coheed & Cambria on his guitar... Pearl of the Stars, Mother Superior and Always and Never. It was nice, and it took me back a few years... but I'll come to that another day!!

We decided to go for a little walk as it was so beautiful outside :)

We wandered round the Jug & Bottle's garden, which was lovely...

and full of Autumn leaves & gorgeous bluebells!

Mark was wearing the bear jumper I got him for Christmas :) a great purchase as he hardly ever takes it off!!

I love this time of year as the daffodils are so pretty!

And if you hadn't already noticed from the previous photos of my new desk, I also love pinecones!! I couldn't resist picking this one up :) The third and fourth photos are where Mark works at the Hall, and the fifth is the bowling green.

We spent the rest of our day taking it easy playing Worms on PS1 (we're addicted and it's currently 19 - 12 to me!!!). We made a delicious gravy dinner with heaps of peas, and ate chocolate honeycomb bunnies from M&S that were on sale for 27p! Later on we headed down to Mark's nana's house for a cup of tea, what a lovely Sunday.

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