Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Topshop nails

I was at work this afternoon, I work in a little independant card shop in the village.

I recently got two nail art pens from Topshop that came with diamantes in black & gold. It's my favourite nail invention ever and I have really enjoyed jazzing up my usually non-painted nails with them. I have also invested in a few Topshop nail polishes, and they are without a doubt the best polishes I own. They generally last a week without chipping - and this is without a base coat or a top coat. I found that when I used a base coat they did chip.

Anyway, the link between work and my nails is that all the older ladies who come in comment on my nails. There were a few that commented today, but one person in particular said they were different and very nice and how did I do it. She then went on to say oh but they're false of course aren't they so you didn't do it. But I did!!!

my nails in Topshop's "Gone Fishing" & nail art

It's really easy to achieve a striking look & I would definitely recommend it :)

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