Sunday, 1 April 2012

hello, april!

Today is a lovely day, the sky is blue and the sun is shining. Two years ago today I met Mark (properly!!), and today marks the 32nd Egg Run!

The Wirral Egg Run happens yearly on the weekend before Easter. Motorbike riders take part in it to raise money for sick children. They meet up at New Brighton and ride a 20 mile route to Clatterbridge hospital to deliver Easter eggs for the children. There were thousands of them! It's truly amazing to watch. Lots of the bikers get dressed up in fancy dress, decorate their bikes, and are carrying cuddly toys for the children. I have some pictures here so you can see, but it is hard to imagine how many bikers there were! All tooting their horns and waving :)

bunny socks for Easter :)

mickey & minnie up front there

this had mario & luigi inside!

flintstones & the hulk

scooby doo!

and a santa claus!!

it really was fab and if anyone gets the chance next year to visit, it is worth it :)

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