Friday, 30 November 2012

a trip home for my birthday

I am travelling home tonight to spend my birthday (tomorrow, the 1st December!) with my family :) I am very much looking forward to seeing everyone. I'm working loads at the moment so haven't been able to see them much, and won't until I go back for Christmas! I will be back with a wonderful birthday-filled post after the weekend.
Hope you all have a fab weekend, I know I will :)

Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Nails & some Emma Cook at Topshop lusting

I wanted something quite simple and neutral, but with a bit of shine or glitter. I opted for Cafe Au Lait by Topshop Nails as a base. It only takes one coat, and this colour is so gorgeous it makes your nails look like your nails but better. I used Heart Of Gold by Topshop to paint my thumb nails, and to do a semi circle on the tip of each of my fingernails. What do you think? :)
Topshop Cafe Au Lait £5 / Heart Of Gold no longer on the website

After searching for these polishes on the Topshop website, I couldn't help but be drawn in by the image for Topshop Wonderland edited by Emma Cook. I limited myself to choosing three pieces to share with you - but you should definitely go check out the rest of the edit, as it is gorgeous.

A cute little make-up bag with a gorgeous Christmas wrapping paper print. There's a dress in this print too, which although I was immediately drawn to, I would probably never dare to wear!
£12 at Topshop

I fell in love with this as soon as I saw it, and that was before I even saw the word 'deer' (slight obsession over here). I think this t-shirt is very wearable, and with the party hat of pink shiny goodness, perfect for the festive season.
£30 at Topshop

Who doesn't love fairy lights? I love fairy lights. And Christmas. And fairy lights at Christmas! I wish that this was just a blouse rather than a dress, because then it wouldn't be such a bold piece. I'm not very good with bold pieces, but I know there will be some trendy pretty thing out there who will pull this off fabulously. It's 100% silk, and has pleats at the back. Divine!
£120 at Topshop

Sunday, 25 November 2012

shopping in Manchester & the football museum

staying in room 107, filling room 107 with countless shopping bags, having to squeeze a lot of extra things into our suitcase at the end of our trip, finishing my Christmas shopping, the fabulous Hotel Chocolat shop (if you visit Manchester, you must visit this chocolate heaven!!), a very cool and retro old fashioned sweetshop catering for our American tastes in drinks (Cherry Pepsi & Vanilla Coke) and sweets (remember Nerds?!), Millie's cookies - the best kind of cookies, breakfast in McDonalds, surprising ourselves that we only went to McDonalds for breakfast once!, one beautiful sunny Winter's Saturday which we spent shopping, a lot of rain the rest of the time, wearing my hair up because of said rain, visiting the National Football Museum much to Mark's delight, being weary at the sight of all those stairs!, some very engaging interactive activities, taking a photo for a tourist in the museum whilst being a tourist myself, quite an interesting football gallery, and discovering that there were so many parts of Manchester town we hadn't had time to visit (don't worry shops, we're coming back for you!!), all in all the most wonderful trip :)

Saturday, 24 November 2012

recovering, some lovely post & a cheeky Luella purchase

My little sister Willow sent Mark & I this post, how lovely!! I know she put a lot of thought into it, and I very much appreciate it :) I love getting things in the post, especially from my lovely family. And how cool is the little Royal Mail Movember stamp?!
I snapped up this pink wool & cashmere Luella jumper on Ebay last week, for the tiny sum of £14.50 delivered - a bargain!

I was in the hospital yesterday for a minor procedure. It was very painful, but I had two lovely nurses called Kerry & Trish who made sure I was ok whilst the doctor did his job. The preparation for the procedure was horrendous, I won't go into what it entailed but will say I couldn't eat for over 24 hours. I had oxygen through my nose (attractive) and an IV drip in my hand (cringe, I hate needles). It was all over and I went home within about 4 hours. I am sore and quite uncomfortable now, but I guess it's just my body feeling bruised, and hopefully it will pass in a few days. I had a procedure called a colonoscopy, which in itself is gross and I was very anxious before I went in. I was given a sedative, two actually, only they didn't make any difference!! I think the prep for the procedure was equally as awful as the procedure itself, and if anyone ever gets referred for one, just make sure you wear comfortable clothes and have a doting mum/dad/boyfriend on hand to look after you from the day before to the day after. I won't lie and try to tell you it was fine, I'm just glad it's over with, but it's an important procedure to rule out certain health issues :)

Now I'm off to watch the rest of Saturday night TV (does anyone else find Take Me Out hideously entertaining?!) and eat chocolate to my heart's content. I hope you're all enjoying your weekend!

Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Oysho & reading days away

This deliciously soft and gorgeous Pom Pom Hoodie arrived on my doorstep this morning from Asos. It is from a brand I only recently discovered on Asos, a brand called Oysho. They do the most delightful range of loungewear, and I fell in love with pretty much everything. I happen to know that I am going to receive some socks & a pair of the PJ bottoms for Christmas (lucky me!). I ordered this whilst at home with mumma bear, as a little treat in the way of 'I'm going to suffer an ordeal at the hospital on Friday, I need this comfy hoodie to make me feel better' haha. It was £39.99, but with student discount it was £36. It was definitely worth every penny, it is a thick and snuggly knit and it feels wonderful against my skin.

I have recently started reading again, I have to take breaks every now and then because I could literally read my life away. Once I get my head in a book, it could be days before I come out again. I can easily read a whole book in one sitting, I love getting lost in someone else's world! This is one of my favourite books, "Lazy ways to make a living" by Abigail Bosanko. It's the perfect comfort read, all about chess, romance and falling in love. I recommend it to anyone who needs a little pick me up, or an escape from reality for a few days :) (and if it sounds too lovey and cheerful, the protagonist's life is a mess!!!)

Saturday, 17 November 2012

coheed & cambria and manchester at night

oxblood Primark sale top for £3, getting ready in our hotel room, having the most delicious pizza and fries in the hotel restaurant, mine & Mark's tops being accidentally colour co-ordinated, wandering through Manchester at night, getting lost trying to find the HMV Ritz, stumbling upon China town and the gay village, being glad we were lost because it was so beautiful, accidentally finding the Vivienne Westwood building much to my excitement, calling my mum for directions to the Ritz, realising we were on the right road it was just further down, feeling intimidated by all the sorts of people we used to be, feeling older than most people, a random support band I can't remember the name of but thinking I'd have liked these when I was 16, being very excited to see Coheed & Cambria again, it being the first time Mark & I have ever gone to see them together since we met at their special Neverender tour years ago, a wonderful acoustic set, singing our hearts out to Mother Superior, waiting in anticipation whilst they went off for their next set, being overall quite disappointed by the main setlist they chose, wearing ear plugs again (definitely needed them this time, sound quality was pretty dire!), being elated when we left but being sad that it was our last night in Manchester, wandering home through the streets of Manchester town, gorgeously lit Christmas lights, beautiful sparkly trees, trams, the Arndale centre and all the other fabulous shops Manchester holds, going to 24 hour Tesco to buy late night chicken wraps and cheese & tomato pasta, sitting up in our hotel room watching X Factor on repeat, falling asleep for the last time on our concrete pillows (I almost miss them..!) :)