Saturday, 10 November 2012

fireworks & hot dogs (late, of course!)

Hello lovely people, sorry this is so late, it's been a hectic week, but more on that another day!! For now, some Bonfire Night photos for you :)

Last Saturday, Mark & I went to a local school to watch a firework display straight after I finished work. It was a lovely evening, we were all wrapped up as you can see, and huddled together in the cold. The fireworks were fab, we loved watching them!

Our only disappointment was that we stood in a queue for twenty minutes to get a hot dog, only to be told before we even got to the front that they had ran out of hot dogs!! So to make up for it we made our own hot dogs on the 5th, which were delicious!!

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  1. ohhh bonfire night! i love it!
    you look so cozy <3


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