Wednesday, 30 May 2012

george clothes & a busy day

These two photos were before we walked down to Mark's nana's last night for a cup of tea :) it was a little cooler, so I'd put on my beloved Luella leather biker jacket. It was lovely to catch up with Mary as we hadn't seen her for a little while.

I had a blood test today, I am awful with needles, but it wasn't so bad :) the nurse was very good! He did it very quickly considering there were 3 tubes!! I squeezed Mark's hand! Afterwards we had to pop in to the bank, so whilst we were in Birkenhead we had a little wander around. I got these fab fruity Foxes mints, including rasberry, blueberry and cloudy lemonade flavours :) we also popped in to Asda for my mum. She needed a few last bits for the twins before they & Indigo go on their little holiday next week! These shoes are for Phoenix, and were a bargain at £6. Phoebe has some lovely horse print ones, and another pair of pattern ones.
You may also have noticed my Moo cards!!! The new set arrived at my mum's house, so she posted them on to me yesterday and I got them this morning, just in time for the craft fair :) I'm very pleased with them.

These 3 tops are for Phoebe - the first a lovely peter pan collared, lace overlay swing vest for just £6. The second a nude coloured tshirt with little pink hearts for £4, and finally my favourite, the fringed aztec style Tinkerbell top for £6! They have some really lovely things in George at Asda at the moment, in the children's section and the ladies!
Now I am off with my war (blood test) wound to have a chilled out, quiet evening with Mark :) hope you've all had a great start to the week.

Tuesday, 29 May 2012

bear magnets

Hello there, these are my bear magnets! I received magnetic 'paper' in the post this morning from a dear family friend, Lynn. So I had to have a go this afternoon and printed out a sheet of 9 hello bears. It's very easy to use, and you just cut around the image when it's dry with ordinary scissors. I am going to make some more designs.

I needed to do some more printing, so I scanned in my bear picnic drawing and decided to print that one. But, being the very forgetful person that I am, I closed my laptop halfway through this print and here's the result!! Oops! I think they turned out lovely in the end though :)

Some bits I have for the craft fair so far

From the top: Bear mugs & red/white polka dot washi tape, Bear magnets & stickers, Picnic prints

From the top: Bear money boxes, Miss you prints, Hello prints, Hello postcards

I have done a couple more mugs, and now the printer is demanding more coloured ink, so before I go any further I am going to go down to the shop and get some more ink. I am intending to do mugs with 2 or 3 more different designs, 2 more money box designs, and 2 more print designs. Let me know what you think of what I've done so far :)

Monday, 28 May 2012

bear mugs

Today was quite a quiet day at work, I couldn't stop yawning but I can blame that on the heat! This evening I have put together these bear mugs :) these are the first 2, and I think they've turned out well. They still need spraying a few times to protect them, but I am getting quicker at the whole process. I will be doing some more designs over the next few days so keep an eye out :)

Mark, the bears & me!
Mark's best friend is coming over tomorrow afternoon, so I will settle myself in the kitchen and hopefully make lots of progress on my craft fair items :)

Sunday, 27 May 2012

picnic in the park & lounging in the garden

This is right before we went out, I had high waisted shorts & a cropped top on but I just couldn't dare to bare the pale that is my legs!! So I changed into leggings and a top :)

Nicola with her tuna cobs

Leah with her wraps

Me with mayo cheese (mayo is gross, it was the only option in the shop!)

Leah's dog, Beau, came for a walk with us :)

And this is all the photos I managed to get before my camera battery gave up! We didn't make it into the actual park, we stayed in the outskirts where the lovely bandstand is :) it was a nice afternoon, and very, very hot!

Our dinner today: chicken, waffles, peas & ketchup :)

meow, cat slippers :)

The sun through the trees :)

The moon, just above the left of the house :)

This sums up the rest of my day aside from cleaning, tidying and making dinner. I did manage to complete my assignment and have handed it in now, it was tough and I can safely say that philosophy is not my cup of tea!! After dinner, Mark & I went to read out in the garden, I was going to do some drawing but I couldn't get into it. Tomorrow, I will be doing more prints for the craft fair so I will share those with you then :) I hope you've all been enjoying the sunshine, and I hope it lasts a while longer.


This is a photo from our picnic at Western Park, and sums up what I'd love to be doing now! Drinking wine outside in the sunshine, rather than being stuck indoors trying to complete my assignment! I hope to have this completed in the next couple of hours, and all being well I will be back with a better post later full of craft fair bits :) Mark is at work, so I'm taking advantage of the quiet!! I hope you're all having a wonderful Sunday in this beautiful weather.

Thursday, 24 May 2012

sun, sun, sun

I have spent the last few days at home with my family and friends. I have had a lovely time, and it has been beautiful, 30 degrees at times, sunny weather! On Wednesday I went with my best friends to a park that we try and get to every Summer for a picnic, Western Park in Leicester. Unfortunately, my camera battery died! Which is typical, but Leah had her camera so I will share some photos when they are uploaded and I will share the few I have once I'm back on the Wirral and can charge my camera!

My sister Zenobia took Phoebe and Indigo to the park today, but as you can see it was too hot!! So they found the only bit of shade in the park, ate their ice lollies, and returned home! Earlier this evening Phoenix was blowing bubbles for Indigo to chase and pop, she loves bubbles.
I had to visit the dentist this morning for my check-up, and I'm terrified of the dentist!! But luckily I just need a filling, so I need to book in for that along with a scale and polish when I check the work rota. And I will be back tomorrow night with my more usual picture filled post :) I hope you're all enjoying the sunshine!

Monday, 21 May 2012

craft fair progress :)

Firstly, on Saturday afternoon after work, Mark & I wandered around the village in search of a present for his nana, and for my friend Nicola. We managed to find both, and I also picked up some gorgeous new washi tapes :)

This afternoon after work I decided to try out some printing. Mark is at work, he'll be home shortly so we can start making dinner. With the craft fair fast approaching, I know I need to start gathering all my goods!! So I went a walk down to Goulds in the sunshine, picked up some more sheets of lovely white slightly textured card and set to it. I had mixed results with the positioning of the prints, and have decided that cutting the paper into A5 before I print works best! I really need to get cracking with preparing everything now, as the fair is a week on Saturday :)

Sunday, 20 May 2012

the rest of my week

I spent most of my week at home this week, up until Friday evening when I travelled back to the Wirral :) here are a few pictures from the rest of my week. It's been a pretty quiet weekend with work yesterday followed by an early night (I fell asleep on the sofa, I was exhausted!), then today has been a day of essay writing. I have completed Part 1 of my third assignment at last, so I'm very pleased! Mark & I went to Mark's nana's, with Craig (Mark's brother), this evening to have a chippy dinner with her as it's her birthday!

On Wednesday evening Phoenix and Phoebe came home from Brigade with these interesting looking concoctions, which were apparently biscuit, chocolate and marshmallow (I didn't dare try any!!!) but I think they enjoyed them!

It was a beautiful evening, so Indigo and I went for a walk with mumma bear to pick up the twins. On the walk home from Brigade, Indigo picked another lovely dandelion. The last photo is the bag of treats the twins bring her from Brigade!

The sunset cast a beautiful light over things, so I had to take a few photos of Indigo :) Indigo decided that she and I lived outside now, and that she'd be sleeping on the chair whilst I got the undoubtedly less comfortable bench!!

On Thursday morning, me and Indigo made cakes :) using the old 8 spoon mix!! We made delicious chocolate orange cakes, and we made some not so delicious mint choc chip cakes - the peppermint cream wasn't a good move, mint choc chip didn't taste as good as I'd thought it would!! Won't be making those again! Indigo loves helping bake cakes, and is very good at helping me mix :)

Phoebe brought home this lovely piece of pottery that she'd made at school on Thursday :) on Thursday evening I went to Gemma's house with Leah, we had a lovely evening watching soaps, having a good natter and eating chocolate thanks to Gemma! Caitlin was allowed to stay up as well :)

These pictures were before school on Friday morning :) Phoenix was taking pictures on his DS!

And these are photos of the twins that they needed for their homework, of them taking care of their plants :)
Hope you've all enjoyed your weekends and had a much more exciting one than me!!! Tonight me and Mark are just going to watch Iron Man 2 and then hopefully not get to bed too late as we've both got work tomorrow :)