Monday, 14 May 2012

a new addition, munch!

After a couple of hours in work this afternoon, Mark came to walk me home and we had lunch. It was such a nice sunny day that we decided to go for a wander round the village, the charity shops :) here's a photo of our finds...

Mark managed to pick up Command & Conquer for the PC in a special boxed edition, he was very pleased! I picked up a little Peppa Pig library of books for Indigo, a Peppa Pig opposites book, Jacqueline Wilson's Bed & Breakfast Star for Phoebe as she loves Tracy Beaker, and a couple of Horrid Henry books for Phoenix and Phoebe to share. I also got a lovely little book called Baby Bear's Rhymes To Remember, which I think Indigo will love when I sing the rhymes with her!

And this is the new addition to our little bear family! Isn't he gorgeous? He has a button under his tummy, and if you press it he makes grizzly bear noises. He was just 50p! We have named him Munch after Edvard Munch :)

We enjoyed getting to know Munch :)

I have unpacked my bag to repack it again today, as I am finally travelling home tomorrow to see mumma bear and my family and friends :) I am looking forward to some home time, but I will miss Mark and the bears. Mark found the tiara which was meant to go home with me last week, and couldn't resist putting it on even though his face indicates otherwise (he just wanted to look as though I made him do it on camera!!!!)

Renoir, Matisse & Munch :)
Sorry it's a bit of a short post tonight, feels like there's loads to do with having work tomorrow, needing to get a doctor's appointment in the morning, and then travelling home. Hope you've all enjoyed your start to the week :)

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