Wednesday, 16 May 2012


This morning I was up at 6.30am, and by 7am my 3 year old sister, Indigo, was on my bed watching 101 dalmatians... I'm definitely home! Indigo wanted me to try out her new hair clips and bobbles, and brush her hair when I got home last night. Here are some of the results...

The last one is a bit crazy! Indigo wanted to fit as many clips in her hair as possible, at all times! She did go on to brush my hair and attempt to put clips in it after, but she had trouble with the clips and said she couldn't do them, but when I asked if she wanted me to show her how her reply was "no thanks I can do them" haha.

Indigo then brushed Floppsey's hair. Floppsey is the dog from playgroup, the children can put their names down to bring him home for periods of time. Indigo has had him here since Easter! and we also were the last ones to have him before that, at Christmas.

Next we read the rhymes from Indigo's new book. This one was hickory dickory dock, Floppsey ran up the clock..!

The top one here was wheels on the bus, and the bottom one was row, row, row your boat :) then I went to see my two best friends, Leah and Nicola, later on in the evening. I have missed them!

This morning on the way back from the school run, Indigo picked a buttercup. She also insisted that dog was eating her Weetos, after insisting that she wasn't having milk on her cereal!

We decided to tackle the front lawn this morning. I took on the tough job of mowing it - I think I used muscles I didn't know I had!! Whilst mum cut down some overgrown plants in front of the window. Indigo enjoyed following the lawn mower around! This afternoon I went into town with Leah, she got a new dress for her holiday :) and then we popped to get a few cake baking bits - Leah wanted some and mum wants to bake cakes tomorrow!

When I got back from town me and Indigo had to fill in Floppsey's diary with photographs of his stay with Indigo. There were lots of photos to choose from, and we always fill a few pages!

And just a little while ago Indigo went into the garden to pick some dandelion leaves for Fluffy (our house rabbit). She picked this fairy, and had to blow very hard to make a wish :) I hope everyone's enjoying their week so far, I'm certainly enjoying being at home!

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  1. Glad you are happy to be home, Your sister looks a lot like you!


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