Friday, 31 August 2012

lovely things, gifts & sale hauls

♥ a gift from Mark for his parents, very apt! ♥

♥ a birthday gift ♥

♥ gifts for my sister who is off to uni! ♥

♥ a lovely printed gift ♥

♥ the only thing I bought myself - the sweetest pair of earrings for 50p in Dorothy Perkins, one says 'oui' the other says 'non' - love!!! ♥

♥ and last but not least, a Peppa Pig lucky bag and some Hello Kitty socks for Indigo :) she wanted cat slippers like my Topshop Esme ones - but this is the best I could do! ♥

Once again, most of my haul this time were gifts so I couldn't put any photos on of particular ones (the ones for you mumma bear! and also for Willow's birthday!). But I promise they are lovely, and I can't wait to give them.

Thursday, 30 August 2012

bank holiday monday & our bear friends

After a very lazy start to bank holiday Monday (I say start, it was 3pm by the time we got out!) we went over to Rubens for a hot chocolate. It was quite a windy day, so the perfect time for a delicious hot drink. We shared a caramel shortcake between us as they don't do our beloved billionaire's cake anymore (sob! if anyone has a recipe let me know!!).

The bears wanted to come say hello, since it's been a while :) we meant to take a photograph of us all together, but we sadly didn't get around to it. We will another day I'm sure :) please excuse my windswept hair!!

Our bank holiday Monday ended up with us randomly being in Conwy in Wales. It was a blustery journey along the sea, I loved it!! It was Mark's grandma Em's birthday, so some of the family gathered at her house before we all went for a meal. It was right on the seafront, I have never visited before, and I was enchanted with the whole place! Mark & I will definitely be going on a day trip in the not too distant future. The meal was lovely, it was lovely to see everyone and most importantly I think Mark's grandma very much enjoyed her birthday :)

Wednesday, 29 August 2012

shopping haul!! favourite new jumper :)

As promised, here's my haul from our shopping trip on Sunday.

Gage & Cole polka dot mailing envelope (£1 TK Maxx), Turkish Delight for mumma bear (£3.49 TK Maxx), earphones for Mark (£3.99 TK Maxx), Musical notepad (£3.99 TK Maxx), Twombly postcard (65p Liverpool Tate), Monet stickers (£1.50 Liverpool Tate). There are also 2 hidden buys from the Tate here, but as they are a present for someone I can't show you yet! There were some lovely things in the Tate shop though. Had there been any more mailing envelopes in TK Maxx, I would definitely have snapped them all up too!

Along with the other couple of bits I got Mark, I had to get him this cute Edward Monkton 'Love' book from HMV (for just £1 - barg!!). Mark had said a little while ago he would treat me to some perfume when I decided what I wanted. I um'd and ah'd over what I'd like best, in order to use alongside my Vivienne Westwood 'Naughty Alice'. I decided on the deliciously sweet 'Babydoll' by Yves Saint Laurent which was £24.99 for 50ml in TK Maxx - not bad! So thank you to my wonderful boyfriend :)

The item on the left is again a gift - so I can't reveal that but I promise it is lovely and was a bargain! In Dorothy Perkins we discovered that all sale was buy one get one free, so whilst I couldn't find anything delightful or even nice in the clothes section (I never usually do in DP), I did pick up some lovely jewellery bits. I got this mustard yellow ribbed vest to go with the jumper you'll see below (£1.50 w/25% student discount).

Lilac marble drop earrings, mustard plastic ring, gold fox earrings, purple leather & stone bracelet, lilac & gold triangle earrings. All of these worked out at 50p each in the BOGOF sale at Dorothy Perkins - absolute bargain!! I recommend a visit :)

And last but not least, what was actually my first purchase of the day. My favourite new jumper from New Look. I never seem to find much in New Look clothes sections, but I fell head over heels for this jumper as soon as I saw it across the rails in the hidden away Winter woolies section. A section clearly already out for those Autumn/Winter lovers like myself, getting prepared for crisp mornings and crunchy leaves. I have actually already started wearing it - I love it so much!! I also got it at a fabulous price, I had a gift card with £7.19 on it, so with 10% student discount this jumper only cost me £10.80. I'll be posting a couple of pictures of me wearing it tomorrow. I'm tempted to go back and get another one..!

Tuesday, 28 August 2012

pt 1: tate liverpool, matthew st festival & shopping!

Firstly, hello everyone!! I'm so sorry for my lack of posting, and of catching up with you all. It has been a hectic week or so, but I promise to be better!! This delicious Patisserie Valerie cake had a top layer of chocolate mousse - my idea of heaven!!

On Sunday, Mark & I travelled over to Liverpool and met his mum & dad (Sandra & Tony) in the Tate Liverpool cafe. It was a beautifully sunny day, but as we were out early it had looked cold hence my Wintery looking outfit!! We had a drink in the cafe, before Mark & I headed for a wander round the Tate, and Sandra & Tony went with Paul & Jan (Mark's uncle & aunt) to the Matthew Street festival.

by Yoko Ono

We were slightly disappointed with the Tate Liverpool, I hate to say. I've always visited the London Tate, so whether it's the difference I'm not sure. There is a Twombly, Turner, Monet exhibition on at the Tate Liverpool at the moment, which I held off on going to as my dear family friend Lynn is going to visit Liverpool to go with me. Aside from the £12 exhibition, only two floors were open that were free. We found a bizarre combination of sculpture, Man Ray, Dali and a little bit of Warhol thrown in. The items in the rooms didn't seem to have any connection or theme - so it was all a little mismatch! It's probably better to go when there isn't an exhibition!

After an arty start to the day, we went shopping!!! before heading to the Matthew Street Festival. It was very successful on both our parts :) but I will post about our lovely buys tomorrow!!

The Matthew Street Festival is a big, free, outdoor festival in Liverpool. There were lots of fab tributes on, such as "So Patrol" (Snow Patrol) and "Amy Housewine" (Amy Winehouse). Mark & I enjoyed So Patrol, it was a really great atmosphere, these were so many people, sunshine, and good music!!! Great Summer combination. We also heard an 80s tribute band called Rubix Cube, with classics like Tainted Love and You Spin Me Round. Fab day!!

Wednesday, 22 August 2012

zara blouse

Hi lovelies, this is what I wore for work today. I picked up this gorgeous Zara blouse in a charity shop for £6. I couldn't resist! It's so soft and feels so feminine on, the neckline sits just right and the sleeves are cinched at the wrist just enough.

It has horse heads printed all over it, and spikey gold studs on across each shoulder and on the cuffs. Have you had any charity shop bargains lately??

Tuesday, 21 August 2012

carnival day

Phoebe, Indigo & Phoenix

Mumma bear, Indigo, me
Hello there! Sorry for not posting in a little while, on Thursday I went home to see my lovely family & friends, and I returned yesterday evening. This weekend just gone was the Carnival in my village at home, and Phoebe & Phoenix were taking part in one of the floats because they go to Brigade. You'll have to excuse my layout chopping the sides of my bigger photos - I don't know how to change this!!

Phoebe & Phoenix's Brigade float

Indigo & Joe watching the carnival - Joe is so sweet, he thought he was Spiderman!

He spoke like a caveman too!

Indigo & Bronwen

After watching the carnival procession, we went down to the school field where the fair type thing was. The children enjoyed rides, balloons and candyfloss! We also had slush puppies and bought some delicious fudge.

Indigo & I watching the carnival :) I was wearing my £6 bargain top from New Look, and a flower headband I bought from Primark years ago!

Me & Maxine at the field :)

Last but not least, Indigo & Joe who both at around 3 and a half years of age are great friends already :) we all had a lovely time and it was great to see everyone. The sun was shining, it was very warm, and we had ice creams!!! I will be back with more photos in the next few days, including a family BBQ and my last trip to my great grandma's bungalow. I hope you all enjoyed your weekend!