Tuesday, 28 August 2012

pt 1: tate liverpool, matthew st festival & shopping!

Firstly, hello everyone!! I'm so sorry for my lack of posting, and of catching up with you all. It has been a hectic week or so, but I promise to be better!! This delicious Patisserie Valerie cake had a top layer of chocolate mousse - my idea of heaven!!

On Sunday, Mark & I travelled over to Liverpool and met his mum & dad (Sandra & Tony) in the Tate Liverpool cafe. It was a beautifully sunny day, but as we were out early it had looked cold hence my Wintery looking outfit!! We had a drink in the cafe, before Mark & I headed for a wander round the Tate, and Sandra & Tony went with Paul & Jan (Mark's uncle & aunt) to the Matthew Street festival.

by Yoko Ono

We were slightly disappointed with the Tate Liverpool, I hate to say. I've always visited the London Tate, so whether it's the difference I'm not sure. There is a Twombly, Turner, Monet exhibition on at the Tate Liverpool at the moment, which I held off on going to as my dear family friend Lynn is going to visit Liverpool to go with me. Aside from the £12 exhibition, only two floors were open that were free. We found a bizarre combination of sculpture, Man Ray, Dali and a little bit of Warhol thrown in. The items in the rooms didn't seem to have any connection or theme - so it was all a little mismatch! It's probably better to go when there isn't an exhibition!

After an arty start to the day, we went shopping!!! before heading to the Matthew Street Festival. It was very successful on both our parts :) but I will post about our lovely buys tomorrow!!

The Matthew Street Festival is a big, free, outdoor festival in Liverpool. There were lots of fab tributes on, such as "So Patrol" (Snow Patrol) and "Amy Housewine" (Amy Winehouse). Mark & I enjoyed So Patrol, it was a really great atmosphere, these were so many people, sunshine, and good music!!! Great Summer combination. We also heard an 80s tribute band called Rubix Cube, with classics like Tainted Love and You Spin Me Round. Fab day!!


  1. Any cake with chocolate mousse on has got to be an instant winner! Looks like the festival was good, shame about the Liverpool Tate! x


  2. looks like you had a pretty good day :) that cake looks amazing! xx

  3. Oh my gosh the cake looks divine! Hope you had a super time :) x

  4. Yum! That cake looks amazing


  5. This looks like such a fun day out :)

    I'm currently having a giveaway with make up, jewellery and nail wraps, go enter! :)

  6. Lovely post, all the photos are amazing.
    The tribute artist names you included are cool, I always try and think them up when I'm bored on long journeys.


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