Monday, 13 August 2012

a painting & some bargains!

Hello lovelies! You may remember a couple of days ago I gave you a sneak preview of a commissioned painting I was doing. Well here's the finished result :) my younger sister Willow asked me to do it as a birthday present for her best friend Holly. Willow said Holly was pleased with it, so I'm glad :)

Willow & Holly (watercolour & fineliner)

I got this gorgeous cable knit camel hat by Alice & Hannah in Topshop on Sunday for just £3 from £22 - barg!! This cute notebook was from Tesco for something like £1.88 - isn't it lovely for scribbling things in?

These are a few bits I picked up to take home with me today. Two mini Charlie & Lola books (5p from charity shop!), two Spot dvds (50p charity shop), leopard print leggings for Indigo for playgroup (£2 M&Co sale), gorgeous Peppa Pig jeans for Indigo to grow into (£3 charity shop) and a lovely Next shirt and waistcoat set for Phoenix (£3 charity shop). This isn't the entire haul that I'm taking home - just what I found today. Wish me luck in carrying the load I've picked up this time!!!

Last but not least, my two favourite charity shop hauls and a bargain pair of tights. The tights were from M&Co and have a seam down the back - perfect for a night out (which I going on on Saturday - hello social life I have missed you!!!). The camel full skirt with paperbag waist is actually from Love Label, and still has the tags on! I got it for £4 in a charity shop. The bag I am in love with, mock croc from Mango with the tags on, £3 in the charity shop!!! I do love a bargain. Has anyone else found any bargains lately?? :)


  1. I love that skirt, and equally a bargain. Jealous you have a social life...I need that haha! Great painting too :) xxx

  2. wow you're really talented. your illustration is just lovely :) great skirt and bag too - i love a good charity shop find! x

  3. Your painting came out beautifully! I love it! And wow, you got a ton of good stuff at great prices! I love charity/thrift shops and especially great bargains! That bag is especially nice! :)

    P.S. Watching the Spice Girls at the Closing ceremony totally made me want to watch Spice World too! And I have like 6 copies of it (no joke)so it shouldn't be a problem finding it in my dvd shelves, lol.


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