Friday, 31 August 2012

lovely things, gifts & sale hauls

♥ a gift from Mark for his parents, very apt! ♥

♥ a birthday gift ♥

♥ gifts for my sister who is off to uni! ♥

♥ a lovely printed gift ♥

♥ the only thing I bought myself - the sweetest pair of earrings for 50p in Dorothy Perkins, one says 'oui' the other says 'non' - love!!! ♥

♥ and last but not least, a Peppa Pig lucky bag and some Hello Kitty socks for Indigo :) she wanted cat slippers like my Topshop Esme ones - but this is the best I could do! ♥

Once again, most of my haul this time were gifts so I couldn't put any photos on of particular ones (the ones for you mumma bear! and also for Willow's birthday!). But I promise they are lovely, and I can't wait to give them.


  1. These are so cute!! Is that a pink owl scarf? Your blog is so adorable!

  2. That first sign is so funny!

    You always find fun little treasures! :)

  3. those earrings are lovely, especially for 50p! x

  4. All of these are adorable! I really love the earrings & the heart sign is hilarious! Oh my god... lucky bags! I didn't even know they still made those, they instantly remind me of childhood! I sort of want one now... Hah!


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