Tuesday, 31 July 2012

sunshine photos & some news

These are our pictures from a visit to the park last week :) it was a lovely day, but it was insanely hot!! We only stayed in the park for about 40 minutes before walking round to the shop to get ice lollies/cold drinks! I really enjoyed my stay at home and I miss everyone so much already. It's back to Wintery cold now - plenty of good old British rain!
I was wearing a River Island stripe maxi dress (£3 boot sale) & Topshop stripe crop top.

It's been a busy few days, one of the girls at work has broken her ankle and so I'm picking up all her hours over the next couple of months. So I won't make it home much, but I will have extra money. Which is going to come in handy since Mark & I have just booked Coheed & Cambria tickets for November 12th, 3 days after Bon Iver. So we are thinking of making a break of it :)

Is anyone out there getting any sunshine this week??

Saturday, 28 July 2012

catching up, OOTD & sunshine

Hello lovely people, I just wanted to let you all know I am still here! It's been a busy week or so, and I've lots of catching up to do. I will catch up with my reading list asap & I'm looking forward to all your posts that I've caught a glimpse of :) & I have a few more catching up posts to do so bear with me!

First up, on Wednesday I went into town to meet Mark from the train station as he came to stay until Friday. This is what I wore on Wednesday, the top is Fifi Lapin for Asos, the palazzo pants are Dorothy Perkins, nude & studded t-bar shoes from South via Ebay, and the jewellery is New Look/DP. It was soo hot in the Midlands this week, I'm back on the Wirral now and it's a different story!

From top to bottom: Indigo's face when someone tapped on the side of tent, bug catching, Indigo and her pretty dress, Indigo with me & Mark, searching for toys thrown in the empty tent (a tireless game for a 3 year old), and Indigo in her pjs, mouse slippers and her random addition of sunglasses at night.

I had the most wonderful time at home, a whole 12 days!! Mark stayed a couple of times for a few days, which was lovely too. I love seeing my family and friends, I was sad yesterday morning when Mark & I left to travel back to the Wirral. But I've been at work all day so a bit of a distraction. Had a lovely evening last night too, with Mark's mum Sandra, his nana Mary, and his brother Craig. We watched the Olympics opening ceremony but Mark & I didn't make it quite to the end - falling into bed at around 12.30. It was fab tho - highlight definitely Rowan Atkinson's part and the Queen meeting Bond! Did anyone else watch it? What did you think? :) Danielle has done a fab summary of her highlights here :)

Tuesday, 24 July 2012

eyes of steel nails & some sunshine

I picked up two Topshop nail polishes at the carboot sale on Sunday for £1 each (more on that haul another day), including this "Eyes of Steel" polish. It is the most gorgeous lilac/silver shade, it shines and it glitters. Just 2 coats and a top coat, and it looks very eye-catching. It's fast drying like most Topshop polishes, and I expect it will give me a good week of no-chip wear too. I love it!

And some pictures of the glorious sunshine we've been experiencing over the weekend in the Midlands! The children have definitely been making the most of it, playing out in the garden (Cluedo anyone?). I hope you're having some of this lovely sunshine, and I hope it carries on! Mark arrives tomorrow to stay for a night :) and Fluffy the house rabbit just made a break from his cage and ran into the front room, he's very naughty! I think he enjoyed the sunshine for a change though.

Quote of the day:
"Why does the moon shine?"
Indigo, 3 years old

Saturday, 21 July 2012

a lovely letter, my bass playing boyfriend & saturday hauls

Hello lovelies! This is a lovely letter that I received from my niece Caitlin on Wednesday - how sweet!!

This is my boyfriend, Mark, playing on my dad's old bass guitar :) he is very good at guitar and bass, and I love listening to him playing things and trying to guess what it is. He tried to teach me a bit of a song the other day, but I'm not very good and it hurts my skinny fingers!!!

This is what I was doing all day yesterday - studying for 2 assignments that are due in on Friday (eek!). It is very dull I've got to admit - it's a topic that I really don't care for! I stuck highlighter tabs on my desk with a schedule on that I'm trying to stick to.

My sister Willow arrived home yesterday from her holiday in Norfolk with her best friend Holly. It sounds like she had a wonderful time, and she brought me a bar of chocolate back which was very welcomed :) Holly's mum gave Willow this book, Listography, and I am definitely going to be investing! It is very cool, I will show you all when I manage to get my hands on my own copy!

Indigo, my 3 year old sister, wasn't too sure why work meant no play! So I had to let her do me a drawing on my assignment book. Luckily she stuck to the back page like I asked her to!

These are my Saturday sale hauls!! I went into town with Willow this morning as she wanted to have her ears pierced (she did - she's very pleased!). Willow got quite a few sale buys too. From top to bottom, an antique lace top from New Look for £6 instead of £16.99, long wooden bead necklace from New Look for £2 instead of £6.99, tan tassel belt from Dorothy Perkins for £2.55 instead of £6, gold triangle ring for 85p instead of £5, wood & gold ring for 85p instead of £5, mint green choker necklace for £1.70 instead of £10, and last but not least these No 7 nail polishes which sell at £7 in Boots, I got 3 for £5 off the market! Love a bargain! DP was the only shop who'd let me use student discount on sale. Has anyone else had any sale bargains lately??

I hope you're all enjoying your Saturday, what are your weekend plans? :)

Friday, 20 July 2012

light-up balloon release

Here are the second half of the photos from Wednesday. Our balloon release of very pretty light-up balloons! These were a bit of a pain!! It took us all ages (with a combined effort!) to pull the light tab, inflate the balloons with helium, tie them up and tie a ribbon on. Some of them lost their helium before we'd even finished - we had extras luckily!! We released 36 balloons, one for each month of the three years since my brave dad passed away.

It was lovely to see all the balloons float away into the sky :) it was impossible to get photos of them in the night sky - the last photo above is the only one I managed to snap before they'd gotten too high for the camera to focus. I'm glad it all worked out in the end and they all went off :)