Monday, 16 July 2012

nautical, shabby chic & latest buys

Today after work we went to the lovely wholesale warehouse I was telling you about, it's in Bromborough on the Wirral. It is amazing! There's so much lovely stuff to look at - all shabby chic, nautical, floral, anything you can imagine all in one lovely place!
First up though, this Peppa Pig cupcake packet was from Gordale, I am taking it home to bake with my little sister Indigo :) and I also picked up this Strawberry & Champagne jam for mumma bear (she loves jam). The mug is one of my buys from the warehouse (£1.15) for Mark which says "Make tea not war". Last but not least some bunny treats for Fluffy :)

More warehouse buys!! White multi-heart photo frame (£5.99), medium green mason jar (£1.25), small green mason jar (99p), LED colour changing flower light (65p), hanging twiggy heart (55p)

Fantastic 3D nautical photo frame (£6.35), wooden Gone Fishing plaque (99p), Keep calm and eat cake wooden plaque (99p).

The only thing we bought at the warehouse which isn't pictured, was a small red bin which reads 'Keep calm and bin it' and cost £1.79. All prices are exclusive of VAT which is 20% on top. In total the whole lot cost me £24.84 - bargain!! I am very pleased with the nautical things especially which are for Phoenix's new room when it is done. A massive thank you to Sandra who took me, Sam & Mark to Inspirations :)

Mark & I are going to my house tomorrow, Mark is staying until Thursday but I am staying for a wonderful 10 days at home :) I can't wait to see everyone!


  1. These are all awesome buy!!! You got the mason jars for such great deal!!!

  2. Man, I love the green jars! I really want some new jars... The "Make tea not war" mug is pretty awesome too :) xx


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