Monday, 9 July 2012

a gift, liberty pen, olympic relay & some wintery park photos

Hello lovely readers, I come baring a heavy photo post! On Sunday Mark's mum, Sandra, came home. She lives in Saudi Arabia with Mark's dad, Tony. So it is nice to have Sandra home, and she is here for a long stay :) she came baring gifts!! Sandra bought me this beautiful scarf, with the perfectly pink coloured roses. I love it :) and we also got chocolates!!

I know I'm a bit mismatched here but I just wanted to try this lovely scarf on :) I did wear it out earlier and felt very Summery!

I picked this Hello Kitty Liberty pen up in a popular card-store beginning with 'H' after work today (ahh I went into the enemy - tut!!) because I saw they had a sale on in the window. There was actually about 10 things on the 'big sale' stand, but this pen was reduced from £4.99 to £2 so I couldn't resist! I love stationary!! I did have bad news today, I got a letter from the hospital cancelling my opthalmology appointment due to "unforeseen circumstances". So I won't find out about the cyst in my eye any time soon!

A week ago, our dear family friend Bronwen took Willow, Phoebe & Phoenix to Abbey Park in Leicester to see the Olympic Torch relay. This is them having their photo taken with Phil, the runner. (Courtesy of Willow's Facebook!)

Phoebe, Indigo & I


Phoebe, Indigo & Willow

This was our trip to the park in our village in February - the pavement was still covered in ice and there was a definite chill in the air hence our woolies and Indigo's bear paw mittens!! But it was a lovely day, Winter sunshine is my favourite!! We all had a lovely time :) I hope you enjoy the photos.

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