Wednesday, 11 July 2012

drawing, painting & cookie dough cheesecake

This is the divine cookie dough cheesecake that I just demolished!! Mark & I shared one slice, because it is very sweet, but absolutely delicious! They're currently on offer, 2 slices for £1.60 at Tesco. I recommend it!
Mark's brother graduated with the police today, so Mark & his mum went over to the Anglican Cathedral in Liverpool for his graduation. It sounds like it was a wonderful event, and well done to Craig!! The Cathedral has been recommended to me for a visit, so I will definitely be heading over there in the near future.

So this afternoon, after work, I had the afternoon to myself. I tidied up a bit and then I decided I would like to do some drawing and painting. I enjoyed the quiet, and the sunshine streaming in through the window, and a couple of hours in I popped Bon Iver on and enjoyed listening to Justin's heavenly voice!

Firstly, I drew this. Over on Malia's blog I was inspired by her bordered picture, and decided I'd give it a go!

I really enjoyed having the frame to work to. This second one is unfinished, and I will continue with it tomorrow :) it took a little while to get back into the swing of drawing and using my paints, and my hand was a little shaky whilst drawing. But by the time I got around to this second one, I was much happier with it.

My niece, Caitlin, had her Junior school prom tonight, I have seen a few photos and she looked absolutely beautiful :) so that pretty much sums up my day, work and painting! How was your day? Tomorrow I don't have work, but I do have an assignment I need to make a start on as well as doing some more painting :)


  1. I love your drawings Hannah, you are wonderfully talented :)

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