Wednesday, 4 July 2012

tour of anfield photos :)

Today we went on a tour of Anfield, Liverpool's football stadium. Mark received the tickets as part of his birthday present last year. So finally, over a whole year later, we made it there!

This was inside the press room, we sat in the chairs where the managers would sit to answer questions from the press - we were kind of teacher's pets on this tour, we kept getting our photo taken for us by the two tour guides!

We were very luck getting our photo taken together - and managed to time each section right so that we were pretty much the only ones in there! This is us with all the players shirts in the Home changing room. The shirts are lined up in order of what position the players are - so that they can only talk about football!

This was in the Away team changing room, which although may have looked fancier than the Home team changing room, is in fact not!! It doesn't have the special non-stick floor for one... you figure that one out!!!

The legendary Anfield sign! Which was apparently worded strategically as "This is Anfield" so as to intimidate away teams as they're walking out on to the pitch. It is tradition for every single player to touch the sign as they walk out onto the pitch.

There's a weird feeling as you go under the Anfield sign and out onto the pitch, and the size of the stadium just hits you.

The pitch and the stands.

Sitting in the dugout!

Some guys were painting this particular section of seats - this is because they are the original wooden seats from 1906 - amazing!!

This was the beautiful Hillsborough Memorial Mosaic. On April 15th 1989, at Sheffield Wednesdays ground Hillsborough, 96 Liverpool fans died as a result of being crushed to death by overcrowding in the standing section. As a result of this, standing sections at football clubs were phased out as they were too dangerous.

This was us in the museum, the museum is free to visit and it is very interesting! There's lots of paraphernalia, and it's nice to see all the photos from years and years ago.

The Boot Room - the cafe inside Anfield. The menu looked delicious and it looked very nice, but we didn't visit this time. It was very humid and warm, we'd dressed in our Winter woolies as you can see because it was throwing it down!

We got this photo done in the museum :) it cost £13.00 but is a worthy keepsake! We could choose between holding the European or League cup, but as Mark says, who would choose the League cup!? haha.

All in all, it was a great day out and we both learned a lot. Mostly me, as I am useless at football, but even Mark learned a few things :) afterwards we went into town, and I may have had a few cheeky sale buys... I will show you those tomorrow!! Hope you've somehow managed to enjoy this awful English weather!


  1. These are lovely photos, sounds and looks like a really great day!

  2. Great photos. Sounds like a really interesting tour. xA

  3. Beautiful photos!! Thank you so much for the lovely comment dear :)


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