Tuesday, 15 June 2010

old blog post 5

i am yet to take a picture of yesterday's drawing, i am a slacker but i was having a horrible day! both will be up later on :) i have spent my day baking cakes for craft club later, mmm x

late as always :) the top is drawing #4, i haven't drawn her eyes on yet because she needs painting first. the bottom picture is what i did at craft tonight, had a rather productive evening! whitewashed the wood, drew on it, painted my letters and attached them (with the glue gun - hurrah), then trimmed the entire edge with white lace... lots to be done to it still :) x

p.s. i apologise for the awful photos!

Sunday, 13 June 2010

old blog post 4

for any fashionista out there or anyone who knows the designer's clothes i covet most, this lady is wearing one of my favourite luella catwalk pieces, the black silk sweetheart neckline dress with a black mesh overlay covered in polka dots, mmm! of course unpainted, today is sunday and i was feeling lazy :) she has a foxy face because of one of the post secrets i read today "i don't feel like i have to conform when i'm with you" x
p.s. i don't like her legs either!

old blog post 3

i didn't bother to paint her, and i'm still too lazy to scan or even to charge up the battery for the canon :) she will be painted in red, white and blue x

Friday, 11 June 2010

old blog post 2

i will scan this in at some point :) x

old blog post 1

i was rudely woken up at around 8.50am this morning, pretty much fell out of bed, taking bagpuss with me until i realised i am 21 years old and i do not carry a comforter around the house! an hour later and here i am, sat at my desk, music on and sketchbook out. this is day 1 of my 44 days of draw-a-day :) wish me luck! and i'll be back here later to post up drawing 1. goodbye for now x