Sunday, 30 June 2013

Monthly: June 2013

1. Working 2. My first shop feature 3. Watching too much Gossip Girl (end of Series 3 now!) 4. Enjoying the sunshine 5, 6 & 7. Our first date day adventure (part 1 & part 2) 8. Eating the same Hello Kitty pasta as Jojo of Miss Jojangles, because Mark was at work and I had to fend for myself 9. Spending time with my lovely boyfriend 10. Wearing the vintage bracelet that was my great grandma's 11. Drinking delicious Frobishers fruit juice & eating the best vanilla wafers at Rubens 12. Getting my blog it's very own Facebook page and domain name!

13. The best cinnamon doughnuts ever at Ikea 14. Remembering my dad on Father's Day, and even eating Battenberg cake and Caramac (some of his favourites!) 15. Buying pretty new blue and white patterned sheets from Ikea amongst other goodies involving stationary! 16. Agreeing my new balance physio routine after waiting half an hour for the phone call, and finally starting the physio for my back 17. My lovely new Kurt Halsey book 18. Finding Sonia by Sonia Rykiel trousers in the charity shop, that fit just perfectly 19. Finding the solution to last year's craft fair dilemma! & deciding to start up my own Etsy shop (I'm aiming for August!) 20. Trying out the new ice cream parlour in the village and eating delicious chocolate ice-cream 21. Spending time with my family and friends 22. The what's in your handbag post that shocked me with the value! 23. Eating pancakes far too many times for breakfast 24. Using washi tape to paint stripes on my nails, and doing three of my sister's and my mum's nails too!

25. Enjoying spending time with my little sister, Indigo 26. Taking dad's Canon DSLR out to take photos of the supermoon, and ending up watching the sunrise (post to come!) 27. Being a proud sister when my little sister went to prom, wearing butterflies in her hair 28. Taking my littlest sister, Indigo, for a tour of the 'big school' that she starts in September 29. Mum's Summery buffet style dinner, delicious 30. Helping Indigo fill in Floppsey's learning journal for the last time ever (playgroup's toy dog who comes to stay) 31. Waiting and waiting to buy my leopard print Zara sandals, and then finding them to be in the sale (waiting really pays off!) 32. Being poorly for the last week (chest infection & costochondritis - I'm resting up today and hoping my antibiotics kick in soon) 33. Celebrating Mark's birthday, a quiet one due to illness but a lovely Indian takeaway and time spent together 34. My love affair with spinach and cheese pasta 35. Coming home from work last night to find Mark had bought me flowers and dark chocolate cookies, and left me a plan of action for the night with photos demonstrating (like watching Gossip Girl, and eating cookies!) 36. Looking forward to spending 10 days at home in two weeks for our Summer holiday!!

You can find me on Instagram here. I also just wanted to say thank you to all my lovely readers, I've not been around this week but you've still visited my blog and written lovely things for me :) you are the best! xxx

Thursday, 27 June 2013

OOTD: Sonia by Sonia Rykiel via charity shopping

Glazed Berry Different Lipstick Clinique part of a gift set
Horse stud shoulder blouse Zara charity shop £6
Tapered cuffed trousers Sonia by Sonia Rykiel charity shop £3.49
Miss KG Lola ballet flats Kurt Geiger £5 with Elle giftcard

Hello lovelies, this is an outfit I wore to the hospital and work last Wednesday, when it was sunny! So sunny that I found it very hard to keep my eyes open, and keep the scrunched up expression off my face! I really just wanted to show you what my Sonia by Sonia Rykiel trousers looked like on - they were pretty impossible to take a flattering photograph of when laying flat or hanging due to them being black. I couldn't believe my luck when I picked these up in one of my local charity shops for a tiny £3.49, and in my size too. They're so lightweight and comfortable, they fall just on the ankle which I think is perfect for the better weather. The pockets and insides are lined in blue cotton - all about the finishing touches!

I decided to give my new leopard print ballet flats their first outing, for my 9.10am appointment at the hospital. This was a big mistake! My heels have only just recovered, I'll definitely be needing a heel grip to cushion my poor feet from these unfortunately. I think it has a lot to do with the fact that my back physio is making me wear a heel cushion in only my right shoe to try and realign my spine or something - awkward! I couldn't think of any better top to pair with my lightweight trousers than my gorgeous lightweight Zara blouse. I think it adds a little bit of personality to any outfit :)

Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Haul: All Saints, Ikea, Warehouse & charity shopping

Last weekend, Mark & I were both off work so we decided to make the most of it and go out! Our first destination was Ikea, I'd spotted this gorgeous blue and white bedding that I knew I had to have. It was just £15 for a double with 4 pillowcases - bargain! Does anyone else love walking around Ikea? I love seeing how they've set all the rooms out, I'm one of those people that used to spend hours just decorating my house on the Sims! We also picked up a couple of dinner bowls for when we have spaghetti, and I got all this wonderful stationary. I didn't even know Ikea did stationary, I was in heaven! It was so cheap too, the tissue paper was something like £1.30 for a pack, the tags £1, the notebook £2.25 ish, and the wrapping paper was 50p (I think it was on offer). We had the most delicious cinnamon donuts, but we weren't keen on the hotdogs!

After we took some frozen meatballs home which Mark's nana requested, we decided to head out to Cheshire Oaks. It was the first time we've been on a Saturday because I've always worked the weekend, we decided not to go on a weekend again - it was manic! Maybe it was because it was the day before father's day, but there were just masses of people. Despite it being so busy, I didn't come away empty handed! In the All Saints outlet I got the long sleeved basic top, which was just £8.40 instead of £35. I've worn it loads since, it's so comfortable and thin - it's perfect for layering. I also got my mum one of these tops in grey.

I couldn't go to Cheshire Oaks without visiting the Warehouse outlet, Warehouse is starting to become one of the most prominent brands in my wardrobe. I couldn't resist this lilac jumper, it was so soft and comfortable, and it was just £10 from £42. My final purchase of the day was the Warehouse skirt. I've been looking for a skirt for work for so long, but I'm fussy when it comes to skirts. I don't like them too short! This one is perfect, it's slightly shorter than I'd been looking for as it sits a little above the knee, but because it's so full and flared the slightly shorter length doesn't matter. It's heavy too, so I won't get caught out in the wind! It was reduced to £17 from £45.

The other little picture is a sneak peek of my bargain trousers. I picked these up in the charity shop, they're Sonia by Sonia Rykiel and I paid a tiny £3.49 for them. I've scheduled a post for tomorrow with an OOTD featuring these - they're lovely!

Have you bought any bargains lately? What do you think about charity shopping?

Sunday, 23 June 2013

Beauxoxo butterflies & my sister's prom hair

A little while ago I ordered these butterflies from Beauxoxo with the sole intention of putting them in my little sister's prom hair. They arrived at home for my sister beautifully packaged, and with little sweets too! My sister was absolutely delighted with them, and my mum was impressed too. I chose the glitter butterfly clip in cream, and the pastel feather butterfly clip in pink.

We weren't exactly sure what was going to happen with Willow's hair, all I knew was she wanted it up and curly. Willow has naturally curly hair, but she brushed the curls out so we had a blank canvas. I started by putting the bottom half of her hair into ringlet curls. Our sister-in-law-to-be & friend, Gemma, did a French braid around the front of Willow's hair and braided the end. I'm useless at French braids - thank you Gemma! I decided that with the braided crown, the top half of Willow's hair should be bouffant-styled - plenty of backcombing and hairspray ensued. I pinned the rest of the braid across the bottom of the bouffant, which we all decided looked really pretty. Now, what to do with those curls?! We rolled them and pinned them up, making it up as we went along. On the left side of Willow's hair, where the braid ended, we popped the two butterflies on. Willow was really pleased with the end result - with a bit of luck, a lot of hair grips and hairspray, we got there in the end!

Willow's prom was on Friday night, she had a fabulous time! They've travelled there in style in the army jeep complete with dressed driver (a real army man I believe!). I was having proud sister moments all over the place! Can you believe Willow is just 14? She looks so beautiful and elegant. My favourite photo is probably the very last one here - they were holding hands and walking into prom. I think it was quite an emotional night, as Willow and her best friend Holly are going to different colleges in September. It looks as though they ended it with a bang though, and I know they'll stay great friends.

P.s. I'm sorry I've been a bit quiet on the reading front lately, this laptop is my mum's and I cannot get my head around Windows 8! Roll on tonight when Mark arrives at my mum's house to spend a couple of nights with me - he's bringing my own laptop! I'm having a wonderful time at home, and have more lovely photos to share with you next week.

Tuesday, 18 June 2013

What's in your handbag?

The lovely (and very beautiful!) Emma from Highland Fling tagged me in this What's In Your Handbag competition, hosted by Money Supermarket. The idea of this competition is to make us aware of just how much the contents and our handbags may be worth - and it was certainly very eye opening for me! I was shocked by just how much I'm carrying around with me. When I saw the tag I thought ah, my bag's only small there can't be that much in there!, how wrong was I!

Let me explain why I carry around all this stuff, and hopefully it won't seem so bad :) most of this stuff is pretty essential!

Rings: I never keep rings on for long, so they always end up in the bottom of my bag!
Lip products & Zovirax: I suffer with dry lips, and for some reason lately I've been suffering with cold sores (yuck!)
Tablets: If I have a vertigo attack or dizzy spell, these tablets are the difference between me being sick and not
Powder & brush: Shine control! Cuticle cream & nail polish: The perfect nude, just in case!
Hair ties & grips: These are everywhere I go, why do they never stay in one place?!
Book: This varies, but Perks is a favourite Cards: Bears are left in random places
Camera: I couldn't be without this! Glasses: To aid my short-sighted eyes

I'm not going to tag anyone, but please leave a link if you decide to join in :) I had so much fun organising and snapping away for this blog post! Also, the prize is a Mulberry Bayswater bag, purse and phone case - who could say no to a chance to win those?

Sunday, 16 June 2013

Remembering on Father's day

"She wasn't bitter. She was sad, though. But it was a hopeful kind of sad. The kind of sad that just takes time."

Thursday, 13 June 2013

A domain name & Facebook page

Good morning lovelies, I just wanted to share some good news with you :) I decided last night, inspired by Victoria at Treelined Avenue, to buy my very own domain name for my blog. So you can now find my blog at - exciting!

On a similar note with this change, I decided to finally get myself a Facebook page for my blog. I only just started it, but I'd be really appreciative if you could pop and give it a 'like' for me, either by clicking the picture to the left, or the link above.

If you have a Facebook page for your blog, please link to it below so I can come and have a nosy :) thank you x