Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Monday painting: Miss Patina #2

As I mentioned in my last Sunday painting post, the lovely people at Miss Patina are hosting a fabulous Instagram competition. You can see my first entry on my previous post, and this weekend I decided I'd like to do a second entry. Who knows, I might even go for a third!! There are so many gorgeous clothes to choose from, but this time I chose the Jackie O Dress in beige stripe, accessorized with hints of hot pink. In keeping with the namesake of the dress, I gave this second Miss Patina girl a Jackie O style bob complete with a row of pink pearls? at her neck. I hope you enjoy my second Miss Patina girl as much as the first, and again, good luck to everyone who decides to enter!

You can find my second entry here, here, here and here on my Instagram :)

Saturday, 25 May 2013

shiny new things: Delilah Dust & Warehouse

Hello lovelies, first off a massive thank you for all your sweet comments on my last post! I'm going to be Sunday painting again tomorrow, so look out for another Miss Patina girl. Next week, Mark starts his new job full time! So we went to Cheshire Oaks on Friday morning as he needed another pair of work trousers. I picked up these two gorgeous Warehouse pieces - Warehouse is fast becoming a staple brand in my wardrobe. This pale pink polkadot shirt is lightweight and slightly sheer - perfect for Summer. I love the dipped black collar and the little triangular chiffon inserts at the sides of the shirt, and best of all I got this £45 shirt for the bargain sum of £10. It's missing a ribbon tie at the neck, but I have plenty of ribbons and I like it without. My second purchase, also from Warehouse, is this heavenly soft knit cardigan in the perfect shade of dusky pink. I was on the lookout for Summer clothes, and although it's still knitwear, this shade will be perfect to put on over a t-shirt if the sun ever does decide to shine. The gold flat buttons add the finishing touch, and this cardigan was £17 instead of £40.

A few weeks ago, I ordered a necklace from Delilah Dust. Having seen lots of pretty pieces of jewellery by Delilah Dust featured over on the lovely Josie's blog, I had to order something myself. All of the items are so affordable, and postage is free within the UK. I opted for the Silver Infinity Necklace, as I have been after something with the infinity symbol on it for ages. The infinity symbol because memories are infinite, like those of my dad (see above). And because I love Perks. I will be honest here and say that it took quite a while longer than I expected for the necklace to come, and my order actually had to be sent out again. It seems to be a common problem, as a lot of people on Instagram seemed to have the same issue. That being said, I would absolutely order from Delilah Dust again. My necklace is beautiful, it sits just right on my neck, and at £4 who cares if it takes a little longer to arrive?

p.s. Sorry for my unusually dark photos - it was gloomy yesterday!

Sunday, 19 May 2013

Sunday painting: Miss Patina

The lovely folk over at Miss Patina, a gorgeous vintage inspired fashion label, are hosting a wonderful competition called the artist within. All you have to do is sketch your favourite Miss Patina item (anyway you want) and upload them to Instagram, using the hashtag #theartistwithin and mentioning @misspatina in your description. You have until June 2nd to enter, and you could win the absolutely stunning Miss Honey dress. This is my entry, featuring the gorgeous Polka Flirt Pearl top, and the dreamily coloured She Bop skirt. I created mine using fineliner and watercolours, and it was lovely to spend my Sunday getting arty :) if you decide to enter, let me know, and good luck!

You can find my entry here, here, here and here on my Instagram :)

Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Instagram catch-up

1. Childhood treats - KP Choc Dips (did you eat these? so good!), 2. Fifi Lapin hand mirror - an Ebay bargain, 3. Mark & I before a trip into town, 4. Almond in the car on our journey to my mum's house (shortly after this I thought he'd like to sit on the dashboard, we went round a roundabout and Almond slid off and into the door compartment, much to mine and Mark's amusement - bad parents?!), 5. Me in the car on route to my mum's house, 6. My little brother's gorgeous Labrador puppy, Prim, 7. Indigo taking Almond to playgroup, 8. Delicious spaghetti bolognese mumma bear made for us, 9. Indigo made Almond a 'cage' out of a tomato punnet and some gems, 10. Chanel perfume, 11 & 12. At the hospital today, having a second round of VEMPs testing (sticky pads on my face & neck, leaving sore red patches and yucky glue!).

Firstly, a big hello! to my new followers and comment-leavers, it's so much appreciated and I will come visit your blogs in the coming days :) and of course thank you to you lovely regular readers!

It's been a busy few days with more hospital appointments, which hasn't resulted in much of anything as yet. I have been given a physio exercise by a specialist physiotherapist, which is basically an X printed in the middle of an A4 piece of paper. I have to keep my eyes on the cross and move my head slightly to each side. This is so easy for anyone who doesn't have balance problems, but I'm pretty slow and I'm only allowed to do 10 seconds for a while, so as it doesn't make me dizzy/ill! I also had more VEMPs testing, which is interesting with the sticky pads (I wish I'd been prepared though, neither times had they warned me so there was me with my make-up on only for it to be wiped off with a gross solution and replaced with glue!!). Hopefully this time I will get the results :)

I hope everyone's week got off to a good start! If anyone has Instagram, pop over and say hello here.

Thursday, 9 May 2013

Bank Holiday Weekend: Road Trip pt 2

...coming out of the Mead and deciding to show Mark around Hinckley town centre, walking past the Co-Op where I used to work in the Stead & Simpson concession, my old dance school, all the shops being closed due to it being early evening Sunday, enjoying the peace and quiet, pointing out the many charity shops, piles and piles of bags heaped in charity shop doorways (unsold carboot stuff?!), mum saying dad would have a good rummage if it were him, walking through to the churchyard and back into Argents Mead, lots of little squirrels leaping around everywhere, clearly enjoying the quiet Sunday, a friendly squirrel, listening to Abba from the speakers in the bandstand, mum remembering when the twins were little and used to dance around to the music in the bandstand, Mark enjoying the view of the council offices behind (what an eyesore!), more beautiful flowers, back to the car and on another little adventure, telling mum to take us 'the scenic route', driving past Hinckley train station and on to Burbage Common, pulling into the car park and discovering a new playground (opening next weekend!), remembering the rubbish little playground that used to be there, thinking back on simpler times when myself & my siblings would want to spend endless amounts of time in that rubbish playground, climbing to the top of the climbing frame and singing 'I'm the king of the castle and you're the dirty rascal', deciding to explore the Common another day, and onwards to the bumpy road!, the lanes which dad used to drive us down at high speed causing us all to 'bump around' in the car (so much fun as a kid!), stopping by Josh & Gemma's house on the way home and saying hi to them and my nephew McKenzie, agreeing to all meet up for the car boot in the morning, heading off home and deciding to order a Chinese, attempting to watch He's Just Not That Into You but deciding it was unbearable (I don't think we were in a film mood!) and settling for Sunday night TV before an early night to bed...

to be continued...

Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Bank Holiday Weekend: Road Trip pt 1

Finishing work on Saturday evening & packing up the car, getting up early on Sunday morning & setting off on our first ever 'proper' road trip - to Leicestershire to surprise mumma bear, McDonalds breakfast on the way, delicious sausage muffins, listening and singing along to our mixed CD, a beautifully warm sunny day, confusing the sat nav by ignoring it, finding ourselves on the M6 toll road, Mark going to the toll booth with a 'T' above it because he thought it was a t-shirt and therefore a manned toll booth... it was for tag holders!, reversing out and going to the right one, driving through places I recognised as we got closer to my home, driving through Tamworth and thinking of Suzanne, being excited to see the sign for Drayton Manor (and Twycross - the zoo!), counting down the miles, being excited when we cut minutes from the arrival time, two hours later arriving in sunny Barwell, parking at the side of the house, knocking on the front door and mum's face of surprise when she opened it, then shock at realising we'd driven all the way, followed by shock that my sister Willow hadn't spilled the beans!, deciding that we would go and visit our dear friends Lynn, Phil & Maxine whilst Mark settled down to watch the Liverpool v Everton derby, having a lovely time seeing them and drinking coffee, a gift from Maxine (to be featured in an OOTD soon!)...

...deciding to go on an adventure, taking a loaf of bread to feed the ducks, ending up in McDonalds drive-through first for a snack before heading into Hinckley town centre, parking up at Argents Mead, heading into the lovely park and towards the duck pond, feeding the ducks, Willow throwing a whole slice in and nearly taking out a duck, two angry ducks that kept fighting, two loved up ducks sitting under a tree together, the war memorial, old architecture, beautiful flowers everywhere - a stunning lone tulip in varying shades of pink, mum having a phone call with the twins & Indigo who were on holiday at the coast...

to be continued...