Monday, 26 May 2014

Little Things #13: I've missed you

Hello dear readers, I have missed you and your blogs so much. As ever, life has gotten in the way of my blogging with my first assignment having been submitted last week, my first night out in over two years (and it didn't make me ill or give me vertigo!), and me being me - being ill again! I'm currently doing some tests to return to the doctors this week, and then my doctor said it will probably be another hospital referral. I'm having a cystoscopy in June, which I'm so not looking forward to but gladly will be under anesthetic for! One day I might have no hospital stuff going on right? Haha I hope so!

How cute is Rufy in the cup?! And the little drawing Indigo did of him - ahhh!

1. Mark & I recently celebrated four whole years together :) I can't believe
it's been so long, and I can't wait for many more adventures!

2. This no oil hair oil is supposed to give fine hair volume, I don't have fine hair
and I don't notice added volume - but it works wonders on smoothing out those
flyaways and generally my hair feels healthier and looks more shiny.

3. I finished and submitted my first assignment on this module, and I passed!

4. Mark & I went for lunch at The Marina, and spotted this Rufus canal boat!

5. I've been loving taking film photos with my lomography camera lately, the
results are so varied (I'm still getting used to it) which makes it more fun
because we never know how they're going to turn out.

6. At some point during the big move, the majority of my earrings and my rings
went missing in my lovely new jewellery box. It made me so sad to lose all my
favourite jewellery, but I'm slowly trying to replace them with new ones.

7. My sister Phoebe gave me this pretty daisy chain bracelet she made for me
the other day when it was sunny (where have you gone sun?!).

8. I recently joined Twitter! I joined because someone recommended I'd get
through to a company with a complaint on there, but I wimped out! I'm still
not sure what I'm meant to do, but you can find me here on Twitter.

9. On Saturday I went on my first night out in over two years!! I couldn't have
had a more fabulous night with my besties & hope we can do it again soon :)

10. Sunday was spent in true hungover style, in comfy PJs watching rubbish TV
and eating toast and chicken noodles, as made by my lovely boyfriend!

I'll slowly but surely be catching up with you all over the next week - did you do anything special this bank holiday?

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Sunday, 11 May 2014

Nails: Daisy & Polkadot

Hi lovelies, how are you? I've decided for now that my Little Five Friday posts are going to be fortnightly instead of weekly, I'm so busy studying/working at the moment that I'm not getting up to much exciting stuff in a week!

I've got a lovely nail art post for you today, featuring some pretty daisies and polkadots. Bare in mind, I'm not a professional and I don't even have proper dotting tools as you can see, I used cocktail sticks!! The photos are of my right hand, my left hand is wobbly so my right hand always looks a bit messy.

I chose my favourite nude polish, Dulce De Leche by O.P.I. (available here) for the base using just one coat, then dotted a few spots on each nail as a guide to where my daisies were going to be. For this I used a nail art pen I got from Topshop ages ago (Same here).

Next, using a cocktail stick and a big splodge of white nail polish (in a set here), I dabbed five petal shapes around each dot. None of my daisies on this hand look the same, but I think that just adds to the charm of them. You have to be quite quick so the splodge of white polish doesn't dry up and go gloopy. If it does, just wipe the cocktail stick clean and start again.

The last step of the daisies is the yellow middle. I did this using Barry M Yellow (similar here) and my cocktail stick.

The finishing touch to these nails is the little gold polkadots dotted around the daisies. This gold polish is quite subtle on the nude base, but it looks lovely when it catches the light and is one of my favourite polish combinations.

Would you wear daisy nails? I think they're lovely for Summer!

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Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Daytrips: The seaside!

A couple of weeks ago Mark & I, mumma bear, Willow, Zenobia, Kayleigh and Indigo all went to the seaside (Ingoldmells) for the day. The twins (Phoebe & Phoenix) were on holiday at the seaside with our lovely friend Bronwen, so we all met up and spent a wonderful day together. It involved sunshine, rollercoasters, dodgems, slushies, hot cafe food, buying rock, the market, arcade machines, sand in our shoes, walking along the sea, building sandcastles and seeing the amazingly beautiful moon on the journey home. Oh, and of course a delightfully tacky seaside portrait where we didn't realise the photo was being taken!

All photos were taken with my 36mm film lomography camera & some are double exposed.

Where is your local seaside? I always miss the sea when I get home!

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Friday, 2 May 2014

Little Five Friday #12 (and a couple extra!)

Hello everyone! How are you all doing? Here I am trying to get a bit of normality and routine going on again with my little blog, with a Little Five Friday catching up with what's been happening the last few weeks. Aside from what's here, we also made a little trip back to the Wirral for Mark's mum, Sandra's birthday. It was so nice to see Sandra, Mark's brother Craig, and nana Mary again. We won't be going again until later this month, we're definitely missing the Wirral! I've been struck down with various illnesses (a change of location didn't help!) and my costochondritis has flared up again at the moment. I've done lots of studying whilst enjoying a PJ day today though, so there are upsides!

1. When we first arrived here I went to see my best friend Leah in Eloquent's
Rainbow dance show, the school she teaches at. She was amazing like every time
I see her dance! So proud, it's less than 6 months since she gave birth to Belle!

2. I had my very first Etsy sale! I finally set up my Etsy shop, shhboutique.
It's not finished, but I have a few things for sale and I can't wait to add
more once I'm all caught up with studying and assignments.

3. Need I say more? Seeing his furry little face looking up at me just makes
everything okay. He's playful and at the moment he loves banana and carrot.

4. Mark & I with a few of our family members went on a daytrip to the seaside!
We couldn't have asked for better weather, and it was lovely being by the sea.
Indigo definitely enjoyed it, I'll do a full post with some photos next week.

5. Easter Sunday I spent four hours in work, and did my first locking up of
the shop! I then had a delicious roast dinner with three different meats (mmm
gammon!) with all of my family, it was lovely to see them all in one place.

6. Did you see my Santoro London post? The lovely Rebekah sent me out some of
the prettiest stationery I've seen, I can't wait to add more to my collection!

7. This week Mark & I went to Drayton Manor, Mark's first time! We did end up
having quite a nice day, but there were downsides too. I'll write a full post
on this once I pick up my photos when they're developed.

Have you done anything exciting/different this Easter? One of my favourite things in the world is spending time with my family and friends. It's lovely being able to do that so easily now we've moved!

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