Monday, 26 May 2014

Little Things #13: I've missed you

Hello dear readers, I have missed you and your blogs so much. As ever, life has gotten in the way of my blogging with my first assignment having been submitted last week, my first night out in over two years (and it didn't make me ill or give me vertigo!), and me being me - being ill again! I'm currently doing some tests to return to the doctors this week, and then my doctor said it will probably be another hospital referral. I'm having a cystoscopy in June, which I'm so not looking forward to but gladly will be under anesthetic for! One day I might have no hospital stuff going on right? Haha I hope so!

How cute is Rufy in the cup?! And the little drawing Indigo did of him - ahhh!

1. Mark & I recently celebrated four whole years together :) I can't believe
it's been so long, and I can't wait for many more adventures!

2. This no oil hair oil is supposed to give fine hair volume, I don't have fine hair
and I don't notice added volume - but it works wonders on smoothing out those
flyaways and generally my hair feels healthier and looks more shiny.

3. I finished and submitted my first assignment on this module, and I passed!

4. Mark & I went for lunch at The Marina, and spotted this Rufus canal boat!

5. I've been loving taking film photos with my lomography camera lately, the
results are so varied (I'm still getting used to it) which makes it more fun
because we never know how they're going to turn out.

6. At some point during the big move, the majority of my earrings and my rings
went missing in my lovely new jewellery box. It made me so sad to lose all my
favourite jewellery, but I'm slowly trying to replace them with new ones.

7. My sister Phoebe gave me this pretty daisy chain bracelet she made for me
the other day when it was sunny (where have you gone sun?!).

8. I recently joined Twitter! I joined because someone recommended I'd get
through to a company with a complaint on there, but I wimped out! I'm still
not sure what I'm meant to do, but you can find me here on Twitter.

9. On Saturday I went on my first night out in over two years!! I couldn't have
had a more fabulous night with my besties & hope we can do it again soon :)

10. Sunday was spent in true hungover style, in comfy PJs watching rubbish TV
and eating toast and chicken noodles, as made by my lovely boyfriend!

I'll slowly but surely be catching up with you all over the next week - did you do anything special this bank holiday?

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  1. Oooh welcome to Twitter and happy 4 years! I'm off to follow you. :)

    Tara xo

  2. Aw sounds like you've had lots of fun times recently! I love reading your posts that are like this, they always make me smile :) Congratulations to you and Mark, that's so cute, and for completing your first assignment. Film photography is the coolest, excited to see some of your snaps! I am SO obsessed with daisy chains, I made one that was about 7 feet the other week, haha. Lazing in bed after a night out is THE BEST. Especially if you have someone who'll make you a nice breakfast (I have to make do with my mum ahaa). xx

  3. We've missed you too Hannah! Sorry you've been so ill, what a bummer...I hope you have a hospital free time one day, hopefully soon! Other than that it looks like you've been having a bit of a fab time...I'm so glad you enjoyed your night out and congrats on your anniversary AND passing your assignment! Definitely an excuse to add to your new jewellery stash! x

    Josie’s Journal

  4. Ahh I just bought a hamster the other day and I can't stop watching her ^_^ she's still very nervous but I'm so eager to tame her! Rufus is just like the emoji hamster hehe. Get well soon, hope it's nothing serious!

    Jade | The Jade Aesthetic

  5. Such adorable earrings from River island :)


  6. Dear Hannah, I've missed you! I am praying/hoping for the best regarding the doctor visits- those are never fun. Congratulations on your 4 year anniversary- you two are so perfect together :) I haven't tried film photography in forever and while I do love the fact that you never know how photos are going to come out, that is also the part that makes me nervous. I am so used to digital photos now and being able to instantly see how they come out, that I would feel weird using film especially for important occasions (knowing me, I'd photograph everyone without their heads without even realizing it!). I'm also so impatient with waiting to develop the photos (not sure if my local drug store even develops films anymore). Still, film photography is so special and the cameras are really cool-looking!

    How are you liking twitter? I'm so glad you're there now! It's not my favorite social network site but I love it for the weekly blog chats and for discovering new blogs and independent boutiques. :) And mmm, toast! I could seriously eat toast all day, every day, with every meal...especially french bread toast- so yum! xxx

  7. Hi pretty lady! I love these little catch ups, I've been reading loads of them this weekend and it just brings back that 'personal' touch to blogs these days. Reminds me of the good old days before brands got involved. Happy anniversary to you and the mister! x

  8. I've missed you, your blog is one of my favourite and I'm glad you share every thing with us <3

  9. Lovely post! Congrats on passing your assignment and your 4 year anniversary! Those earrings are so pretty as well - makes me wish I had my ears pierced. :)


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