Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Haul: All Saints, Ikea, Warehouse & charity shopping

Last weekend, Mark & I were both off work so we decided to make the most of it and go out! Our first destination was Ikea, I'd spotted this gorgeous blue and white bedding that I knew I had to have. It was just £15 for a double with 4 pillowcases - bargain! Does anyone else love walking around Ikea? I love seeing how they've set all the rooms out, I'm one of those people that used to spend hours just decorating my house on the Sims! We also picked up a couple of dinner bowls for when we have spaghetti, and I got all this wonderful stationary. I didn't even know Ikea did stationary, I was in heaven! It was so cheap too, the tissue paper was something like £1.30 for a pack, the tags £1, the notebook £2.25 ish, and the wrapping paper was 50p (I think it was on offer). We had the most delicious cinnamon donuts, but we weren't keen on the hotdogs!

After we took some frozen meatballs home which Mark's nana requested, we decided to head out to Cheshire Oaks. It was the first time we've been on a Saturday because I've always worked the weekend, we decided not to go on a weekend again - it was manic! Maybe it was because it was the day before father's day, but there were just masses of people. Despite it being so busy, I didn't come away empty handed! In the All Saints outlet I got the long sleeved basic top, which was just £8.40 instead of £35. I've worn it loads since, it's so comfortable and thin - it's perfect for layering. I also got my mum one of these tops in grey.

I couldn't go to Cheshire Oaks without visiting the Warehouse outlet, Warehouse is starting to become one of the most prominent brands in my wardrobe. I couldn't resist this lilac jumper, it was so soft and comfortable, and it was just £10 from £42. My final purchase of the day was the Warehouse skirt. I've been looking for a skirt for work for so long, but I'm fussy when it comes to skirts. I don't like them too short! This one is perfect, it's slightly shorter than I'd been looking for as it sits a little above the knee, but because it's so full and flared the slightly shorter length doesn't matter. It's heavy too, so I won't get caught out in the wind! It was reduced to £17 from £45.

The other little picture is a sneak peek of my bargain trousers. I picked these up in the charity shop, they're Sonia by Sonia Rykiel and I paid a tiny £3.49 for them. I've scheduled a post for tomorrow with an OOTD featuring these - they're lovely!

Have you bought any bargains lately? What do you think about charity shopping?


  1. wow you are lucky one you have such awesome things *_* i'm really in love ! wow !

  2. Great selection!
    That jumper looks super cosy.


  3. Wow what bargain trousers! They look like they're such a nice shape as well. I love Ikea too, I got blue and white bedding from there a couple of years ago and they're looking a bit old now :'( xxx

  4. Wow what a charity shop bargain!

  5. I love wandering around Ikea too (and their doughnuts!) I could spend hours in there. I've actually never been to one of those outlet villages in the UK, even though the East Midlands one is right near me! I went to a lot when we were in the USA though, they're awesome places. That AllSaints top was such a bargain, I didn't even know they had an outlet, guess I better pay them a visit with prices like that! Are the prices that good all of the time, or is it because it's also sale season? xx

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  7. I love Ikea too! I could walk around there for hours! Love your new trousers and at such a great deal who could resist!


  8. Great items - I love the jumper! Thanks so much for the comment on my blog! :)

  9. Oh! Your trousers are such a bargain! I can't wait to see the post Hannah! I can't believe that stationary is from Ikea- it is super cute. I had these sheets and loved them! I eczema-ed all over them though so chucked them out. Might have to go and by more. So much pity for us with eczema!

    Em x

  10. I loveeeee Ikea! Although when we go we are there for HOURS! The bedding is gorgeous, I didn't even know they stocked stationery either, maybe it's a new thing? :)

    The clothes are lovely, I adore the lilac jumper.

    Lyndsay xx

  11. What a lovely collection of finds. I also love Ikea, this totally reminds me I should go there again soon.

  12. These are such great finds, Hannah!! :) Sadly, I've only been to the Ikea store once because California only has a few stores and they're all scattered. Right now, the closest one to me is about 3 hours away. I loved it when I went though, although I've heard their furniture is a pain to put together. I wish I would've eaten at the snack bar while I was there.

    I've actually found quite a few bargains lately mainly in the form of bags and random clothing items. I really enjoy thrift store shopping now even though it's funny because I didn't like it when I was little. But now, I've found so many great things and it always feels so good to save money on a purchase! xx


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