Tuesday, 31 July 2012

sunshine photos & some news

These are our pictures from a visit to the park last week :) it was a lovely day, but it was insanely hot!! We only stayed in the park for about 40 minutes before walking round to the shop to get ice lollies/cold drinks! I really enjoyed my stay at home and I miss everyone so much already. It's back to Wintery cold now - plenty of good old British rain!
I was wearing a River Island stripe maxi dress (£3 boot sale) & Topshop stripe crop top.

It's been a busy few days, one of the girls at work has broken her ankle and so I'm picking up all her hours over the next couple of months. So I won't make it home much, but I will have extra money. Which is going to come in handy since Mark & I have just booked Coheed & Cambria tickets for November 12th, 3 days after Bon Iver. So we are thinking of making a break of it :)

Is anyone out there getting any sunshine this week??

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  1. Such lovely pictures! It always looks like you are having a fun time :) I'm a bit jealous that you all in the UK are having sunshine-y weather.I'm a bit freezing over here on the California coast, with foggy nights and windy days. It's weird!


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