Tuesday, 14 August 2012

a surprise from mr postman :)

This is the wall beside our bed after post opening this morning :) it's always a lovely surprise when I get post from home, and Phoenix's made me laugh as he demanded to know where his post was as last time they wrote I'd gone home shortly after!

Indigo loves painting and I love this painting that she did for Mark & I :)

This morning there was a very dramatic moment... the moment when your boyfriend spills a whole glass of sticky apple juice all over your designer handbag..! I was not impressed, but acted quickly and it has survived the accident! Phew :)

Today hasn't been anywhere near as productive as I'd hoped, I went to work for a couple of hours and afterwards started having one of my dizzy spells. Mark & I were in a little cafe having delicious apple juice, when we determined I had better go and have a sleep before my spell got too bad. It did work though, and a little sleep along with an anti-sickness tablet was exactly what I needed.

I hope everyone has had a lovely day, we're going to chill out for the rest of the night and watch some soaps in bed with banana yogurt for me & cherry jellies for Mark :)
I will catch up with reading everyone's posts tomorrow :) x

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  1. Aww this is sooo cute!
    Little kids really do the funniest and cutest things :)
    And oh no about the hand bag! Thank god it's okay!


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