Thursday, 30 August 2012

bank holiday monday & our bear friends

After a very lazy start to bank holiday Monday (I say start, it was 3pm by the time we got out!) we went over to Rubens for a hot chocolate. It was quite a windy day, so the perfect time for a delicious hot drink. We shared a caramel shortcake between us as they don't do our beloved billionaire's cake anymore (sob! if anyone has a recipe let me know!!).

The bears wanted to come say hello, since it's been a while :) we meant to take a photograph of us all together, but we sadly didn't get around to it. We will another day I'm sure :) please excuse my windswept hair!!

Our bank holiday Monday ended up with us randomly being in Conwy in Wales. It was a blustery journey along the sea, I loved it!! It was Mark's grandma Em's birthday, so some of the family gathered at her house before we all went for a meal. It was right on the seafront, I have never visited before, and I was enchanted with the whole place! Mark & I will definitely be going on a day trip in the not too distant future. The meal was lovely, it was lovely to see everyone and most importantly I think Mark's grandma very much enjoyed her birthday :)


  1. lovely pics, sounded like you had a brill one :) x

  2. you're so pretty dear! your day out sounds lovely, such a nice feeling to escape the cold and get a hot drink :) xx

  3. i love your new jumper hannah :) it looks gorgeous on xx

  4. Your hair looks so pretty like that, Hannah! You have the most perfect skin complexion :)

    P.S. I'm so jealous that you went to Wales!

  5. oooooh I love that yellow sweater! And man those caramel treats look SO good!


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