Wednesday, 29 August 2012

shopping haul!! favourite new jumper :)

As promised, here's my haul from our shopping trip on Sunday.

Gage & Cole polka dot mailing envelope (£1 TK Maxx), Turkish Delight for mumma bear (£3.49 TK Maxx), earphones for Mark (£3.99 TK Maxx), Musical notepad (£3.99 TK Maxx), Twombly postcard (65p Liverpool Tate), Monet stickers (£1.50 Liverpool Tate). There are also 2 hidden buys from the Tate here, but as they are a present for someone I can't show you yet! There were some lovely things in the Tate shop though. Had there been any more mailing envelopes in TK Maxx, I would definitely have snapped them all up too!

Along with the other couple of bits I got Mark, I had to get him this cute Edward Monkton 'Love' book from HMV (for just £1 - barg!!). Mark had said a little while ago he would treat me to some perfume when I decided what I wanted. I um'd and ah'd over what I'd like best, in order to use alongside my Vivienne Westwood 'Naughty Alice'. I decided on the deliciously sweet 'Babydoll' by Yves Saint Laurent which was £24.99 for 50ml in TK Maxx - not bad! So thank you to my wonderful boyfriend :)

The item on the left is again a gift - so I can't reveal that but I promise it is lovely and was a bargain! In Dorothy Perkins we discovered that all sale was buy one get one free, so whilst I couldn't find anything delightful or even nice in the clothes section (I never usually do in DP), I did pick up some lovely jewellery bits. I got this mustard yellow ribbed vest to go with the jumper you'll see below (£1.50 w/25% student discount).

Lilac marble drop earrings, mustard plastic ring, gold fox earrings, purple leather & stone bracelet, lilac & gold triangle earrings. All of these worked out at 50p each in the BOGOF sale at Dorothy Perkins - absolute bargain!! I recommend a visit :)

And last but not least, what was actually my first purchase of the day. My favourite new jumper from New Look. I never seem to find much in New Look clothes sections, but I fell head over heels for this jumper as soon as I saw it across the rails in the hidden away Winter woolies section. A section clearly already out for those Autumn/Winter lovers like myself, getting prepared for crisp mornings and crunchy leaves. I have actually already started wearing it - I love it so much!! I also got it at a fabulous price, I had a gift card with £7.19 on it, so with 10% student discount this jumper only cost me £10.80. I'll be posting a couple of pictures of me wearing it tomorrow. I'm tempted to go back and get another one..!


  1. that jewellery is really cute, i can never find jewellery bargains anywhere! x

  2. Love the jewellery, Dorothy Perkins always has brill sales! x

  3. I spotted the Turkish Delight immediately haha, I am such a sucker for it! Loving all the jewellery from DP, I never usually find anything in there either! Looks like you got a great haul :) x

  4. mmm turkish delight for mumma bear woop woop better hurry home so i can eat it, i'll def need to do lots of comfort eating next week to get over my minging hospital visit!! rolf xxx

  5. You got some bargains from DP! :)

  6. I love that jumper, its gorgeous! I may have to definitely invest :)) Thank you for the comment lovely, I love your blog so I've given you a follow!

    Terri xo

  7. Awesome stuff! Lots of fun things you got! Turkish Delight always reminds me of the Lion, the Witch & the Wardrobe :)


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