Wednesday, 30 May 2012

george clothes & a busy day

These two photos were before we walked down to Mark's nana's last night for a cup of tea :) it was a little cooler, so I'd put on my beloved Luella leather biker jacket. It was lovely to catch up with Mary as we hadn't seen her for a little while.

I had a blood test today, I am awful with needles, but it wasn't so bad :) the nurse was very good! He did it very quickly considering there were 3 tubes!! I squeezed Mark's hand! Afterwards we had to pop in to the bank, so whilst we were in Birkenhead we had a little wander around. I got these fab fruity Foxes mints, including rasberry, blueberry and cloudy lemonade flavours :) we also popped in to Asda for my mum. She needed a few last bits for the twins before they & Indigo go on their little holiday next week! These shoes are for Phoenix, and were a bargain at £6. Phoebe has some lovely horse print ones, and another pair of pattern ones.
You may also have noticed my Moo cards!!! The new set arrived at my mum's house, so she posted them on to me yesterday and I got them this morning, just in time for the craft fair :) I'm very pleased with them.

These 3 tops are for Phoebe - the first a lovely peter pan collared, lace overlay swing vest for just £6. The second a nude coloured tshirt with little pink hearts for £4, and finally my favourite, the fringed aztec style Tinkerbell top for £6! They have some really lovely things in George at Asda at the moment, in the children's section and the ladies!
Now I am off with my war (blood test) wound to have a chilled out, quiet evening with Mark :) hope you've all had a great start to the week.

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