Sunday, 20 May 2012

the rest of my week

I spent most of my week at home this week, up until Friday evening when I travelled back to the Wirral :) here are a few pictures from the rest of my week. It's been a pretty quiet weekend with work yesterday followed by an early night (I fell asleep on the sofa, I was exhausted!), then today has been a day of essay writing. I have completed Part 1 of my third assignment at last, so I'm very pleased! Mark & I went to Mark's nana's, with Craig (Mark's brother), this evening to have a chippy dinner with her as it's her birthday!

On Wednesday evening Phoenix and Phoebe came home from Brigade with these interesting looking concoctions, which were apparently biscuit, chocolate and marshmallow (I didn't dare try any!!!) but I think they enjoyed them!

It was a beautiful evening, so Indigo and I went for a walk with mumma bear to pick up the twins. On the walk home from Brigade, Indigo picked another lovely dandelion. The last photo is the bag of treats the twins bring her from Brigade!

The sunset cast a beautiful light over things, so I had to take a few photos of Indigo :) Indigo decided that she and I lived outside now, and that she'd be sleeping on the chair whilst I got the undoubtedly less comfortable bench!!

On Thursday morning, me and Indigo made cakes :) using the old 8 spoon mix!! We made delicious chocolate orange cakes, and we made some not so delicious mint choc chip cakes - the peppermint cream wasn't a good move, mint choc chip didn't taste as good as I'd thought it would!! Won't be making those again! Indigo loves helping bake cakes, and is very good at helping me mix :)

Phoebe brought home this lovely piece of pottery that she'd made at school on Thursday :) on Thursday evening I went to Gemma's house with Leah, we had a lovely evening watching soaps, having a good natter and eating chocolate thanks to Gemma! Caitlin was allowed to stay up as well :)

These pictures were before school on Friday morning :) Phoenix was taking pictures on his DS!

And these are photos of the twins that they needed for their homework, of them taking care of their plants :)
Hope you've all enjoyed your weekends and had a much more exciting one than me!!! Tonight me and Mark are just going to watch Iron Man 2 and then hopefully not get to bed too late as we've both got work tomorrow :)

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