Thursday, 10 May 2012

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Unfortunately yesterday I didn't manage to post my promised 'how we met' blog post - I will try and sort it out later ready for tomorrow :) I was very ill yesterday, and also didn't manage to get home. I was quite sad about this, but after an afternoon of vertigo and sickness, I was glad I hadn't been on the train! After many phone calls on Mark's part (the perfect nurse!! who also brought me breakfast in bed on our anniversary!), I was prescribed a new anti-sickness tablet for whilst I have vertigo. It's a special tablet that you pop between your upper lip and gum so it can dissolve into your blood stream - much needed when you can't keep a tablet down!

I received this lovely little package in the post the other day, well, I got a ticket from the postman saying postage was due! So it was collected from the post office, and I opened it yesterday after my sickness had passed - it made me smile!

Indigo (with the help of Phoebe) made myself & Mark these fairies... they were a bit stuck together when they arrived as some of the double sided tape wasn't covered but we managed to unstick them :)

Our names were written along the lollypop sticks. Mark's only complaint was 'where are my wings?!' haha.

This is my letter from Indigo :)

And this was from Phoebe :)

So, although feeling quite rough today still after a dizzy morning, I knew I had to get some post sent back today! I got out the lovely typewriter stamp set Mark bought me for Christmas...

...and managed to get my fingers covered in ink!!

I stamped out these short letters for the twins and Indigo (note how Phoenix's asks where my post is!!!)

And then Mark printed out pictures of things they like, I stuck them to the front, and Mark wrote them a little note :)
I hope you're all having a good week, and hopefully tomorrow I will have the promised 'how we met' post!

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