Monday, 7 May 2012

anniversary day out in liverpool

Tomorrow (the 8th) is mine and Mark's two year anniversary, but sadly we're both working for it. So we decided to celebrate today by going into Liverpool and taking in a bit of culture! Beware - this is a very picture heavy post!!!

But first, I painted my nails last night with Topshop's "Gypsy Night" and I love it! I did one coat of black polish underneath it, it has gorgeous flakes of glitter in it and it is very eyecatching.

Our first stop was the World Museum, one of our favourites, we've visited a few times now. Our favourite floors are the Space floor, and the one with the fish! You can't use a flash on the fish floor, so unfortunately I don't have any photos for you.

It's a lovely place to visit, especially if you have children. There are lots of interactive areas for children, there is also a cafe and a gift shop (surprisingly cheap!). There is even a planetarium!

Our favourite floor!!

I love this wall of children's pictures :)

Next we went to the Walker Gallery, which is everything you'd expect it to be. Airy, beautiful, and very grand! It was lovely to wander from room to room. It was, of course, no flash photography. So my pictures may be a little blurred - but you can get an idea of how beautiful it is.

There were lots of wonderful figures in a bright, airy room.

It really was breathtaking!

This circle we're standing by is a hole in the floor, so you can look down at the entrance hall from above.

The last piece here I particularly liked, "Cross" by Mary Martin.

This piece was one of my favourites, "Metatopia" by Nick Fox. It is part of a series inspired by Floriography, the Victorian cultural phenomenon which used flowers as tokens of romantic longing, commitment or rejection to communicate hidden or forbidden pleasures. Fox's mirror-like polished panels are built up gradually over periods of up to 18 months by layering acrylic colour with erotic and floral drawings.

This was my other favourite piece, and also Mark's absolute favourite. It is "The Exiled Forever Coming in to Land" by Ged Quinn, a Liverpool artist. The colours were amazing, it was stunning.

More beautiful rooms - I was a bit reluctant to take pictures in these rooms as it didn't feel right! But rest assured, the paintings were unbelieveable. When we'd finished here, we decided to go and get some lunch before travelling home. We were going to go down to the front and visit the Tate and the Maritime musem. But as it was a pretty cold and miserable day and we'd spent so much time in the World & Walker, we decided to save those for another day.

We walked through the gardens into town :)

We stopped in a cafe for chips, beans, sausages, and vegetable pasty.

We couldn't resist the American sweet shop, and as my mum had sent us some money to enjoy the day I picked up the above bag of treats to take home for my family :) and you might recognise the picture on the 3 postcards - my favourite from the Walker Gallery! I bought 3 so I could send one home, one to a dear family friend Lynn as we've been meaning to do art gallery trips for a while, and another to keep. We had a very lovely day celebrating our anniversary, and are spending the evening chilling out together. I hope you've all enjoyed your bank holiday!

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