Sunday, 13 May 2012

the easiest way to make cakes

Mark & I spent this afternoon baking cakes, here's a few photos and a quick how-to for the simplest cake baking ever! I mean really simple - I don't use measurements unless they're on the tub!!

We gathered all the cake related items we have - we didn't need most of them! You will need: Self raising flour, margerine, white sugar and eggs for the cake mixture. We also used icing sugar, lemon extract, a spoon of coffee and a spoon of chocolate powder.

We made an 8oz mix (don't worry it's not as complicated as it sounds) which makes 24 cakes. You just need a big tablespoon and a tub of Stork that has the weights on the side! You can see the laptop on the side here - we had the football on the radio as it has been the last day of the season :)

1. Mix 200g Stork with 8 heaped tablespoons of white sugar

2. Add 2 heaped tablespoons of self-raising flour, and one egg

3. Repeat step 2 until you have used 4 eggs and 8 spoons of flour
4. Give it a very good stir, and your cake mixture is ready!

We separated our mixture into two bowls at this point so we could make half lemon, and half coffee. To make coffee, put a teaspoon of coffee in a cup and add a drop of boiling water then add the mixture to the cake mixture and stir. For lemon just add a couple of cap fulls of the lemon extract.

Spoon the mixture into cake cases, cook for 15 minutes on gas mark 5.

After your cakes have cooled, you can add something extra to them. We made lemon buttercream, and chocolate buttercream. You just need a bit more of your Stork, and a load of icing sugar, mix it all up and add flavourings! We cut a circle out of the top of our cakes, spooned in some buttercream and popped the circle back on.

Mark was taste tester for the chocolate/coffee ones! & I tasted the lemon sponge, and the sponge was so delicious and light, yum :) now we're off to Mark's nana's to see her as she's just got back from her week away in Cornwall somewhere I think, and we'll take her some of our cakes. Hope you've all had an adequately lazy Sunday :)


  1. They look so cute! I love your little blog!
    I weigh my eggs and use the same weights for the butter, sugar, flour - just as easy but you do need scales!

    1. Thank you heidi :) ahh, it does sound quite simple too! I just throw everything in and hope for the best - it's usually okay!!

  2. aww, this post is so sweet, i really want some cakes now!


    helen @


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