Thursday, 24 May 2012

sun, sun, sun

I have spent the last few days at home with my family and friends. I have had a lovely time, and it has been beautiful, 30 degrees at times, sunny weather! On Wednesday I went with my best friends to a park that we try and get to every Summer for a picnic, Western Park in Leicester. Unfortunately, my camera battery died! Which is typical, but Leah had her camera so I will share some photos when they are uploaded and I will share the few I have once I'm back on the Wirral and can charge my camera!

My sister Zenobia took Phoebe and Indigo to the park today, but as you can see it was too hot!! So they found the only bit of shade in the park, ate their ice lollies, and returned home! Earlier this evening Phoenix was blowing bubbles for Indigo to chase and pop, she loves bubbles.
I had to visit the dentist this morning for my check-up, and I'm terrified of the dentist!! But luckily I just need a filling, so I need to book in for that along with a scale and polish when I check the work rota. And I will be back tomorrow night with my more usual picture filled post :) I hope you're all enjoying the sunshine!

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