Sunday, 25 November 2012

shopping in Manchester & the football museum

staying in room 107, filling room 107 with countless shopping bags, having to squeeze a lot of extra things into our suitcase at the end of our trip, finishing my Christmas shopping, the fabulous Hotel Chocolat shop (if you visit Manchester, you must visit this chocolate heaven!!), a very cool and retro old fashioned sweetshop catering for our American tastes in drinks (Cherry Pepsi & Vanilla Coke) and sweets (remember Nerds?!), Millie's cookies - the best kind of cookies, breakfast in McDonalds, surprising ourselves that we only went to McDonalds for breakfast once!, one beautiful sunny Winter's Saturday which we spent shopping, a lot of rain the rest of the time, wearing my hair up because of said rain, visiting the National Football Museum much to Mark's delight, being weary at the sight of all those stairs!, some very engaging interactive activities, taking a photo for a tourist in the museum whilst being a tourist myself, quite an interesting football gallery, and discovering that there were so many parts of Manchester town we hadn't had time to visit (don't worry shops, we're coming back for you!!), all in all the most wonderful trip :)


  1. Looks like you had a great time, I work in Manchester but never really get chance to do the fun stuff! Come back soon!


  2. I'd love to go to Manchester, it looks like such a great city! I'd love to visit that football museum too. And I can't believe I wasn't following you, I thought I was! Sorry! xxx

  3. Love the bow in your hair! That museum looks a lot more interesting than I'd have imagined a football museum to be! Love your blog, I'm now following, please check out mine if you get the chance! x

  4. It seems like such a wonderful place to visit! That's the nice thing about the UK...all the towns seem to be pretty close to each other, yeah? You don't have to travel for extensive amounts of time like here in the states.

    Those cookies look absolutely delicious! And I really like the bow in your hair :)


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