Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Oysho & reading days away

This deliciously soft and gorgeous Pom Pom Hoodie arrived on my doorstep this morning from Asos. It is from a brand I only recently discovered on Asos, a brand called Oysho. They do the most delightful range of loungewear, and I fell in love with pretty much everything. I happen to know that I am going to receive some socks & a pair of the PJ bottoms for Christmas (lucky me!). I ordered this whilst at home with mumma bear, as a little treat in the way of 'I'm going to suffer an ordeal at the hospital on Friday, I need this comfy hoodie to make me feel better' haha. It was £39.99, but with student discount it was £36. It was definitely worth every penny, it is a thick and snuggly knit and it feels wonderful against my skin.

I have recently started reading again, I have to take breaks every now and then because I could literally read my life away. Once I get my head in a book, it could be days before I come out again. I can easily read a whole book in one sitting, I love getting lost in someone else's world! This is one of my favourite books, "Lazy ways to make a living" by Abigail Bosanko. It's the perfect comfort read, all about chess, romance and falling in love. I recommend it to anyone who needs a little pick me up, or an escape from reality for a few days :) (and if it sounds too lovey and cheerful, the protagonist's life is a mess!!!)


  1. I love the look of Oysho, it all looks so snuggly! Might put a pair of socks on my Christmas list as well xxx

  2. that hoodie looks so cosy, perfect for this time of year! Thanks fot the comment you left me too! I love my boucle coat, I actually got it in the Topshop sale, i'm not sure I would have paid £70 for it but it is ever so pretty!
    XO Amie

  3. Aww the Oysho jumper looks so warm! Love it. I've been reading a lot more too, it's been great! xo


  4. aww that jumper looks super toasty! can see why you wanted more of their stuff too :) i'm just like you, once i get into a book i don't really exist for a few days haha xx


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