Saturday, 17 November 2012

coheed & cambria and manchester at night

oxblood Primark sale top for £3, getting ready in our hotel room, having the most delicious pizza and fries in the hotel restaurant, mine & Mark's tops being accidentally colour co-ordinated, wandering through Manchester at night, getting lost trying to find the HMV Ritz, stumbling upon China town and the gay village, being glad we were lost because it was so beautiful, accidentally finding the Vivienne Westwood building much to my excitement, calling my mum for directions to the Ritz, realising we were on the right road it was just further down, feeling intimidated by all the sorts of people we used to be, feeling older than most people, a random support band I can't remember the name of but thinking I'd have liked these when I was 16, being very excited to see Coheed & Cambria again, it being the first time Mark & I have ever gone to see them together since we met at their special Neverender tour years ago, a wonderful acoustic set, singing our hearts out to Mother Superior, waiting in anticipation whilst they went off for their next set, being overall quite disappointed by the main setlist they chose, wearing ear plugs again (definitely needed them this time, sound quality was pretty dire!), being elated when we left but being sad that it was our last night in Manchester, wandering home through the streets of Manchester town, gorgeously lit Christmas lights, beautiful sparkly trees, trams, the Arndale centre and all the other fabulous shops Manchester holds, going to 24 hour Tesco to buy late night chicken wraps and cheese & tomato pasta, sitting up in our hotel room watching X Factor on repeat, falling asleep for the last time on our concrete pillows (I almost miss them..!) :)


  1. Looks like you had a fab time in Manchester! Love these photos, all the Christmas lights are so pretty xxx

  2. The illuminations are just beautiful...I want to go back and stare at them all.

    Sarah Betty xx


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