Saturday, 14 April 2012

random bits and bobs

The last couple of days I haven't been up to anything exciting, yesterday I worked for a couple of hours and then Mark worked in the evening til 10pm. So being the wonderful girlfriend that I am, I had his lazy clothes ready, his dinner cooked (in the microwave!!), and a cup of tea waiting :)

Below is a photo of Mark (probably on Football Manager!) and you can see my new desk which is still being kept neat and tidy... probably not for long!

Today I did get a single piece of post!! I got this lovely Moshi Monsters postcard from Phoenix. Mum told me that the twins and Indigo received their post from me this morning, and they all loved their letters :) Indigo was carrying hers around everywhere with her. Indigo also received her puppy castle (and heaps of tiny puppy figures), that I bought her before the bank holidays, at long last. She has been eagerly awaiting the postman every day to see if they'd arrived yet!

I was at work today so a bit of a boring blog post, I learnt about the Dalai Lama today because we were so quiet this afternoon at work that I resorted to OU studying! Hopefully tomorrow I'll be back with some arty pictures as I have been asked to do a picture for someone's birthday :)

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