Saturday, 7 April 2012


This week I went home to my mum's house from Tues - Friday morning. I had a lovely time with my family, I always miss them a lot. I took home camel (my Dubai present from Mark) to meet Indigo, my 3 year old sister. She loves him, and I left him with her til I'm next home. On Wednesday we had freak snow storm weather for the entire day - in April!!

Indigo & Phoebe

Willow was straightening my hair for me, and I brushed Indigo's hair for her. Indigo likes having her hair brushed so much that when I was done she wanted to "mess it up a bit" haha. Indigo then brushed my hair, she said it was "very cotty" but this was because she held the ends of the chunk of hair whilst brushing the top up and down!!!

Indigo's photo of herself

I gave Indigo the small camera to take some photos. She was very good at finding what she wanted on the screen, but when she pressed the button she inevitably lowered the camera and missed the shot. She took a photo of mum in which her head was missing, she turned to mum to take another one and said "be in it this time"!!!!

Indigo comes out with such funny things, and you can find her folder on my Pinterest here. All the comments beneath the pictures were made by Indigo upon seeing the picture.

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