Sunday, 29 April 2012

april showers

I haven't written here for far too long, I have been in and out of doctor and hospital appointments trying to find a cause or solution for my various illnesses! I am still no further but will hopefully have more hope after another GP trip! It has been quite a busy couple of weeks, spent travelling back and forth between Leicester and the Wirral. I have some pictures to share which I will get to tomorrow :) For now, I will say good night as I have to go finish painting a drawing requested by my sister for her friend. I did get around to ordering some Moo Mini Cards this evening - they have another offer where you can get 100 free Mini Cards. I haven't had these cards before and was considering them anyway, so for £3.90 VAT + delivery, I thought I'd try them! They do come with a Moo watermark on, but if the design process is anything to go by it is by no means intrusive! The offers only stands for the first 500 people, but I only ordered mine this evening so it's definitely worth checking it out. I will be back tomorrow with a more exciting post, I promise!

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