Monday, 30 April 2012

catching up!

It turns out that I have a zillion photos to catch up with, both from being at home with my family, being here with Mark, and other various things. So here goes with the first half of my mega catching up update :)

Firstly, the masses of dogs Indigo was awaiting in the post finally arrived, and here are some of them!

Indigo has recently been given a set of the new Polly Pocket figures. Now, when I was younger I had the original Polly Pockets, the tiny figures and the tiny houses which I absolutely loved! These new ones are fiddly and tricky - their clothes break easily when you're trying to stretch them on to the figure!!! Not impressed.

Indigo was very pleased with the new puppy castle and puppies (left) as she loves playing with little figures and houses.

What's left of Indigo's Easter chick... he unfortunately doesn't have eyes anymore!

This might just be me, but does anyone else remember this toy? It came in a cereal box when I was younger, and you had to rub the heart off the tummy to reveal the message. Nostalgia!

Indigo thought this clip was too big for her hair! But proceeded to forget it was there!

Indigo told me she had a surprise - but I wasn't allowed to see it yet...

...she was keeping it warm...

...and keeping it safe...

...OH! I think it may be "hatched!"...
(she pronounced this hatch-id!!) it comes...


This happened several more times, the eggs "hatched" a lot! Haha, Indigo ran me through each hatching process, keeping them warm and getting them ready.

I will be back tomorrow with the rest of my catching up update! I have photos of a recent commission, more Indigo photos, bead bracelet making photos from my sister Willow, pretty nails!!, and some party photos :)

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  1. i love the photo of indigo where you put ...OH! I think it may be "hatched!"... love reading your blog im following you now xx


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