Thursday, 12 April 2012

frustration & charity shop finds = new art space :)

Not quite knowing what to do with ourselves this morning, Mark & I played Frustration after breakfast for half an hour. We picked the game up in a charity shop a few months back because I'd had the urge to play it for ages! We had tea & biscuits as well, my favourites being the rich tea fingers my dad used to like :)

Matisse gave me the children's letters, and we headed off to the postbox to post them. Excuse the second photo - it was very busy and I wasn't enjoying having my photo taken!!!

Afterwards, we thought we'd go for a wander round the charity shops en route to the news shop to pick up Mark's parcel (which had actually arrived - hurrah!!!). It was a really beautiful, sunny day today. At the first charity shop we noticed a narrow dressing table, it was a little shabby, but at £4.99 we couldn't resist as it was the perfect space to convert into an art space!

We dropped it off at home (I was only in charge of holding the drawer haha) and went back out, returning with Mark's parcel...

4 antiques books that he picked up second hand :) he recently started a new job, and he works with a guy who has inspired him to be the next big antique dealer.

After some lunch, we set about clearing a space for my new table and generally having a good tidy up of the room. We managed to fit it in between Mark's desk and his amps, in front of the window.

I am really pleased with it, and look forward to spending many hours drawing and painting there :)


  1. I loveee that cat print shirt! Such a brill post, I had disney princess frustration when I was little, loved it!

    1. Thank you! The cat print shirt is from Topshop :) I love that the cat's all have shockingly blue eyes!
      Frustration is a great game, we're addicted!!

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