Friday, 8 February 2013

the last few days

Hello lovely people, for the last few days the internet hasn't been working here! I was getting really frustrated, so Mark took a look at my laptop whilst I was at work today and figured out I had this virus thing called 'the beast' - he got rid of it somehow and now everything is fine again :) hurrah!

I submitted my assignment on Wednesday, I think my poem turned out alright! But we'll see when my mark comes back (probably in like a month, my tutor seems very slow!). And something very exciting happened yesterday!!! I went in the car with Mark driving for the very first time! He passed his test last August, but has only just got insured, yesterday was his first day of driving. We are excited by all the possibilities of places we can go now we don't have to rely on public transport! We've got a trip to the local beach (boat graveyard!) planned for Sunday, as Mark's dad recommended it would be a quiet drive to take. So expect lots of lovely photographs on Sunday evening - we haven't been down there since 2011 when it was a glorious, ridiculously hot day in England! Maybe I'll share some of those photos sometime.

Tonight we had Mark's nana round for tea, I put spaghetti bolognese on in the slow cooker before I left for work. It was delicious - but it is my all-time favourite! We followed it up with a cup of tea and some chocolate eclairs, mmm. Tomorrow I plan to do some painting, I have missed it lately. But when I have an assignment looming, I can't relax enough to paint because I always feel I should be working on my assignment instead. So for the next couple of weeks I will try to fit more painting in around studying for my next assignment, which isn't until March, so no panic for a little while yet!

Edit: I just reached 50 followers! I will announce the giveaway very soon! :)


  1. Bless ya xx I have that heart wall photo frame in your title picture!!! haha had to tell you... love this blog! following for sure!

  2. thankyou for the lovely comment hun. im your 50th follower you've made it xxx

  3. Great!!Do you want to follow each other? Let me know. Kisses

  4. mm I really want to get a slow cooker, my mum has one and makes such tasty dishes! xx

  5. Don't worry too much about what mark you get, in my opinion poetry and art and things are forms of self expression and I find it odd that they can be judged! As long as you're proud and happy with it! Yay to the car, no more horrid public transport! Congrats on the followers too, that's exciting :D xxx

  6. Mm, I need to dig my slow cooker out! xx

  7. Ah this is such a nice post!
    Good luck on your assignment, I'm sure you've done brilliant :)
    You'll have so much more freedom with the car, belated congrats to Mark!

    Also I hope you show us your new paintings! excited :)


  8. That's so exciting that Mark has got his license! You will be able to go on so many more adventures! I've had my license for several years now (I was late- most people here seem to get theirs when they turn 16 but I waited til I was 20). I hardly drive though as I don't have my own car (this is looked down on by my peers here in California where everyone drives even just to put their mail in the mailbox - lazy people, haha).

    I love reading about your weekly/daily adventures. Sorry I'm commenting on so many of your posts- I feel like I've stayed behind in reading and now I'm catching up! :)

    P.S. Yes, I do believe TK Maxx is just like TJ Maxx (related, actually, according to Wikipedia)! I just wonder why it's called TK maxx instead... the UK seems to have all the stores that the states have, yet we don't have all the stores that the UK has (unfair, haha)

  9. Being able to drive opens the way for so many adventures! Be sure to take lots of pictures of your trips :)

    Also, you've just made me crave an eclair at the mere mention of them! x


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