Tuesday, 5 February 2013

a bit more catching up!

There's a few things I've popped here to post today, firstly a big hello to all of you lovely people :) I was amazed by the amount of positive comments I received in response to my last post - so thank you all very much! I will make a conscious effort to try and do more 'Outfit of the day' posts. The photo above includes a couple of slices of the cake Mark & I made while doing some late night baking last night, using of course the easiest cake recipe!. It's an orange sponge with chocolate chips in. Mark says he likes it better than the lemon loaf, but I'm not entirely convinced. I think it needs some chocolate butter cream for a bit more contrast in taste.

My best friend informed me this morning that it is National Tinnitus Awareness Week (thanks Leah!), and as this is something that has affected my life for the last 14 months, I will be dedicating a post to raise awareness tomorrow. Please come back and check it out, I'll try to keep it informative and helpful for anyone that's interested.

On a related note, my ears have been giving me lots of trouble lately :( I generally do pretty well at ignoring my tinnitus, but lately it refuses to let me. The pitch, tone and intensity of sounds are constantly changing at the moment, so I'm constantly aware of it. It's very annoying. I've been having pains to go with it too, down the side of my face/jaw and in the side of my head above my ear. And the hospital has put my appointment with my consultant back now to a month later, March 27th. I am glad that I haven't had dizziness/vertigo since the days leading up to Christmas, but really ears?? Be quieter and less painful please! Playing up is not going to make the doctor see us any sooner!

I've spent the last few days concentrating on my OU work, I've got an assignment due in on Thursday and I've got to write a poem and a commentary on the process of doing so. I never realised until I finished all the studying I had to do towards this assignment, how hard a poem would actually be to write. I mean, how hard can it be? I've written heaps of poems before, I used to write them all the time, I even had a couple published! But it turns out, that actually, I really knew nothing at all about poetry. There are so many things to consider that my mind is blown, I will be attempting to write my first draft tomorrow so we'll see how that goes.

Last but not least, I found out last week that I will be out of a job as of March (sob sob). I love my job in the little independent card shop, and I will miss it very much. But it was only ever temporary. I've been job searching for a little while now anyway, but there is literally just nothing for me. I've searched in both my mum's area (Leicestershire) and in this area (Wirral and Liverpool). I literally have found nothing to apply for. My fingers are crossed that something comes up very soon!


  1. That cake looks delicious! I really need to get into baking more, nothing better than fresh cake!
    That sucks about your ears though, one of my friends has that too & it seems like such a horrible thing to deal with all the time :( Sorry to hear about your job as well, it seems to be the case for most people I know at the moment & agree the job situation here is Leicester is really rubbish!
    PS: Good luck with the assignment & it would be lovely to read the poem when your done! :)

  2. i'm going to pretty much reiterate the comment above, sorry about that! but sorry to hear about your job and your ears! and that cake really does look absolutely lovely! good luck with your assignment! x

  3. I hope you get a new job soon! that cake looks yummy :D Hope your ears feel better soon, I know someone with tinnitus and it's not pleasant at all. xxx

  4. Boooo, behave ears! Sorry they've been causing you so much trouble. Good luck with the uni work and job searching, I'm sure all will be fine :) Look forward to more outfit posts :D xxx

  5. so sorry to hear about your ears and your job, not things you deserve at all! hope things will improve for you very soon :) on a happier note that cake does look delicious! xx

  6. That cake looks so delicious! I really need to make an orange cake as well because I have so many oranges at the moment and I don't want them to go to waste. I like the idea of adding chocolate chips, too ;)

    Sorry to hear the Tinnitus is being a pain :( I'm hoping it will get better for you sooner than later. xx

    P.S. Wishing you the best regarding the job hunt- you'll get one soon enough! :)


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