Friday, 1 February 2013

Sutton Wharf, tea room by the canal

Monday morning, up early to get ready for the hospital, left the house at 8.30 with Gemma and her mum Anne (thanks again you two!), getting out the car whilst Anne queued for the car park, finding the department quite easily, waiting forever to be seen, the CT scan itself being quick and easy but the contrast dye injection being an absolute nightmare, scared of injections anyway but the nurse exclaimed in panic that 'oh no the needle is twisted' and 'someone must have loaded the needle backwards I'm so sorry if that hurt', me asking 'is it done though?' but realising nothing had been injected yet!, the nurse flushing it with water to make sure it was in the right place, then a huge syringe full of contrast dye which she told me would 'make you feel warm and like you've wet yourself, but don't worry, you haven't', a funny taste in my mouth, a very sore and bloody arm, a few more times in the CT scanner then being allowed to go home.

Monday afternoon, seeing Adam, him picking me up in his huge 4 x 4 farm like car, driving down small roads it didn't look like we'd fit down, getting momentarily held up by a tractor trimming the hedges, Adam not telling me where we were going, arriving at the lovely Sutton Wharf, parking next to his aunt's car, the rain slowly dripping down, all the ducks right in front of us walking on the ice because half the canal was frozen, telling Adam we should have brought bread, the lovely little tea room on the side of the canal, mismatched furniture and comfy sofas, a cat lazily stretching out on one of the sofas, watching the canal through the huge windows, a pot of tea for two, Adam spilling said tea!, going for a walk along the side of the canal and it being very muddy! Monday evening, soaps with the family.

Tuesday morning, lunch with Gemma and Leah, Leah's fabulous shiny new car, Leah car watching out of the cafe window to make sure her car was ok, being in a bit of a hurry at the station to find the train was 5 minutes late, nearly forgetting to get off at Stafford, waiting an unusually long time for the next train, being glad to arrive and see Mark again :)


  1. Hey, I came across your blog through our lovely mutual friend Heidi! I've been following you for about a month now. This post gave me a blast from the past, I went to school with Adam! I then got talking to Heidi and discovered that we went to the same high school, but I think you were a few years below me, probably in my sisters year. Did you know her? Emily Wilkin is her name. Such a small world! Anna x

    1. Hello lovely, it's a very small world isn't it! It seems lots of people can be linked to other people through schools - Heidi and I were on the same Art course at De Montfort! I don't remember Emily Wilkin, but I didn't know very many people in high school, I was very shy! I don't know how to find your blog, I clicked on your name but I can't see any links! I will hope that you check back here for a reply :) thank you for reading my blog, Hannah x

  2. your forgetting a few things

    A) its Johnty not big farm car
    B) i didnt know where we were going
    C) they overfilled the tea pot
    D) the ducks skidding on the ice

    hope your and the family are well Anna :)

  3. complimenti un blog carinissimo , ti seguiro se ti va passa a trovarmi mi farebbe piacere buon fine settimana

  4. I removed my blog link from my name as I got a few dodgy visitors :S find me over at :)

  5. Aww that little tea room looks so cute - and that is a lot of ducks!

  6. I love your writing style!



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